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Next generation phosphate ester based on renewable resources

Hostaphat® 1738

The new Hostaphat 1738 phosphate ester exhibits an excellent low foam profile and strong emulsification properties offering outstanding performance and superior sustainability in metal working fluid formulations. This, along with excellent Extreme Pressure (EP)/Anti-wear (AW) properties makes this multifunctional product an ideal choice to formulate with in semi-synthetic and synthetic fluids.

  • Excellent foam control
  • Favorable hard water stability
  • Comparable tapping torque results to industry standards with higher phosphorus content
  • Lower phosphorus content
  • Excellent emulsification properties
  • Easily neutralizes in amines to form stable synthetic metal working fluids
  • Suggested for use in metal removal and metal forming applications
Product details
Product Function
  • EPAW additive
Chemical Type
  • Phosphoric acid esters
  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Rolling
  • Metal working fluids (semi-synthetic)
  • Metal working fluids (fully synthetic)
  • Cutting and forming fluid (neat oil)
  • Metal working fluids (milky-type)
Technical Data
 Active content approx. 99 %
 Appearance (20°C) light yellow to amber liquid
 Phosphorus content approx. 2.5 %
 Kinematic viscosity (25 °C) 1290 cSt
 Kinematic viscosity (50 °C) 517 cSt
 Kinematic viscosity (100 °C) 51 cSt
 pH value approx. 3
 Surface Tension (1 g/L, 25 °C) approx. 36 mN/m (as TEA salt)
 Acid Value approx. 65 mg KOH/g
 Density (20°C) approx. 1.02 g/ml
 Pour point approx. 7 °C
 SolubilitySoluble in naphthenic, paraffinic, castor, and canola oils. Also dispersible in water

Metalworking fluids: straight oils, soluble oils, semi-synthetics, and synthetics

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Hostaphat® 1738

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