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Your Choice Against Aflatoxins


Aflatoxin is the most harmful fungal toxin and can be fatal even in very small doses. It can enter the animal’s blood stream through the digestive tract and is ingested by humans via the consumption of meat, milk and eggs.

With its dense, layered structure and extremely large negatively charged surface area TOXISORB™ Classic can bind the toxin molecules permanently before they can harm the animal’s organism. The immobilized toxins are removed from the animal´s gut with the excrement and no longer remain in the food chain.


Typical symptoms caused by mycotoxinsMycotoxinsSolutions
Immunosuppression, internal bleedings, damage of liver  Aflatoxin B1 


Disease of the central nervous system, diarrhoea, spasms ErgotTOXISORB™ Classic
Note: No mycotoxin binder claims are made in USA, EU and Canada
Product Data Sheet
  • Protects against dangerous Aflatoxins and Ergot alkaloids
  • Renders these poisonous substances innoxious to a large extent and thereby helps to limit economical losses
  • High quality product with proven constant quality in a continuous product improvement process
  • Convinces with an easy application and gentle handling
  • No known influence on the metabolism and no residues of mycotoxin metabolites
  • A cost-efficient product focused on the mycotoxin issue provides the solution for different animal species
Product and Dosage Recommendation
  • Low contamination (below NOAEL levels) and / or preventive use: 1-2 kg/t of feed
  • Medium contamination levels & mix of mycotoxins: 2 - 3 kg/t of feed
  • High contamination levels & critical mix of mycotoxins: 3 - 4 kg/t of feed
Storage instructions

To maintain the high performance of TOXISORB™ Classic, it is necessary to store it in closed and low humidity areas. TOXISORB™ Classic must not be stored next to chemicals that give strong odor or evaporate easily, since it can adsorb fumes to a high degree. It can be stored in silos and conveyed with compressed air (dry and oil free). Under these storage conditions, TOXISORB™ Classic’s shelf life is typically 3 years after packing

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