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The Sustainable DOT 4: hazardous label-free with high performance

Safebrake Life

Safebrake® Life is based on glycol ethers, anti-corrosion additives, and anti-oxidants. It is classified as non-hazardous, while maintaining a high performance. It is our contribution for safe handling and filling of brake fluids in professional use and for end-consumers.

The product complies with all specification requirements of the current version of the FMVSS No. 116 (DOT 4), ISO 4925 (class4) and SAE J 1703.

  • Low viscosity – suitable for driving assistance systems such as ESP and ABS, easy and fast filling due to no foam generation
  • High temperature stability – high boiling point and high wet boiling point
  • Excellent corrosion protection – for all metal parts, soft to plastic
  • Compatibility – with other DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 brake fluids
  • Low moisture uptake – ensures high performance throughout the product life time 
Product details
  • Brake Fluid

Hazardous label-free. For regulatory details please refer to our corresponding Material Safety Data Sheet.

Technical Data
Boiling Point [°C]> 260
Wet Boiling Point [°C]
> 155
Viscosity at -40°C [mm2/s]
< 880

The first CMR-label free brake fluid for Aftermarket customers. 
Follow the recommendations for action described in the SAE J 1706 when handling brake fluids.


    All Safebrake®-types meet and exceed the international norms: FMVSS 116, SAE J1703, ISO 4925.

    Safebrake Life has been approved with the Clariant Ecotain-label.

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    Safebrake Life

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