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Non-ionic soil release polymer for superior rheology control

TexCare Gemini SG Terra

TexCare® Gemini SG Terra is a water-soluble nonionic soil release polymer exhibiting excellent performance in liquid detergents and cleaners. Due to its nonionic character, TexCare® Gemini SG Terra has a broad tolerance to the most common surfactant systems. Implementing TexCare® Gemini SG Terra into a detergent formulation will generally not make the formulation thinner. In many cases, it is possible to remove the additional thickening agents (e.g. salt, thickening polymers, etc.) from the formulation and still maintain a desired viscosity.
  • Fiber protection against dirt
  • Rheology control technology
  • Extra power, extra whiteness, extra protection
  • 75% RCI (renewable carbon index)
Product details
Product Function
  • Soil Release Polymer
Chemical Type
  • Soil Release Polymers
  • Laundry
  • Laundry fabric softener
  • Laundry Detergent or Pre-treatment
Performance Claims
  • Detergency booster
  • Soil release effect
  • Stain removal
  • Maintains whiteness
  • Cold washing
  • Improved skin feel of synthetic fabrics
  • Rheology control
Soil Release Effect

Fabrics made from polyester and polyester/cotton can be difficult to clean when they are soiled with oily or fatty stains. Such stains adhere strongly to the hydrophobic synthetic fibers, which are then only poorly wetted by the washing liquor.

If these fabrics are washed with a detergent containing a soil release polymer from the TexCare series, e.g. TexCare® Gemini SG Terra, the soil release polymer is adsorbed onto the hydrophobic fibers and forms a hydrophilic film. This prevents the soil from adhering directly to the fibers. Furthermore, the affinity of hydrophobic soils for the hydrophilic film is reduced significantly compared to the untreated fibers. This makes it much easier to remove oily stains from the fabric during subsequent washing.

Primary Detergency
A further benefit of TexCare Gemini SG Terra is the improvement of primary detergency on oily and greasy soils. Even without a first prewash of the fabric to give it a soil release finish, soil is removed better from polyester and polyester/cotton.
Lime soap and various soils present in the washing liquor need to be dispersed in order to avoid redeposition onto the fabrics present. A detergent which poorly fulfills this requirement will lead to greying of the washed garments. Due to its amphiphilic structure, TexCare Gemini SG Terra can effectively aid in the dispersion of this soil and prevents redeposition through repelling soil from the polyester fabric surface.
Environmental labels
  • EU Ecoflower compatibility
  • Nordic Swan ADW
  • Nordic Swan HDWL/HSC/L
  • Vegan
  • Chemical Nature:
    Soil release polymer/ Water soluble polyester
  • Product Function:
  • Renewable Carbon Index (RCI):
    75 %
  • Environmental Working Group (EWG) Score:
  • Leaping Bunny: Individual scrutiny is needed to deliver precise conclusions for your product . Get in touch for more information.
  • For the Halal statement please get in touch with your sales contact.
  • For the Kosher statement please get in touch with your sales contact.

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TexCare Gemini SG Terra

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