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Low-foaming, nonionic lubrication and wetting agent

Genapol RPF 1740

Genapol RPF 1740 is specially designed to be used for fully synthetic metal working fluids and silicon ingots slicing fluid. It is resistant to water hardness, metal salts, acids and alkalis in practice-orientated concentrations. Additionally, it provides excellent wetting properties resulting in a low surface tension (34,8 mN/m in water).

Product performance

  • Suitable for synthetic metal working fluids and silicon ingots slicing fluids
  • Excellent wetting properties
  • Resistant to water hardness, acids and alkalis
Product details
Chemical Name
  • Reverse block copolymer of propylene oxide and ethylene oxide
Product Function
  • Lubricity improver
Chemical Type
  • Block copolymers
  • Metal working fluids (fully synthetic)
  • Metal working fluids (semi-synthetic)
  • Metal cleaner
Technical data
Product groupreverse block copolymer
Active contentapprox. 100%
Appearance (20°C)clear liquid 
Cloud point (5g in 25 % BDG solution)50.0 - 53.0°C 
pH of 1% in aqueous solutionapprox. 7
Pour point (ISO 3016)approx. 12 °C
Density, (20°C)approx. 1.051 g/cm3
Viscosity, (40°C)approx. 264 mPa*s
Solubility / 20°Csoluble in water
Contact angle V2A steel, 5% in water31.4°
Surface tension 5% in water34.8 mN/m

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Genapol RPF 1740

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