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Turn oils and fats into pristine feedstock

Tonsil RNF Series

Whether producing fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs) for biodiesel or the hydrotreated vegetable oils (HVOs) and animal fats commonly referred to as renewable diesel: Effective contaminant removal is vital for smooth downstream conversion and high-quality results.

The requirements of this removal differ not only for each process but also for the feedstocks used. These have moved far beyond virgin vegetable oils to include second-generation and advanced feedstocks like palm oil mill effluents (POMEs), used cooking oils (UCO/RUCOs) and waste animal fats. While supported by climate schemes like the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive (RED II), the use of these new feedstocks requires a new flexibility in purification — and the right multipurpose system to succeed.

Renewable fuels retain a major role in global climate efforts, and especially renewable diesel sees fast growth. With our Tonsil RNF series adsorbents for removing contaminants from oils and fats, renewable fuel producers can significantly enhance the efficiency and outcomes of their processes.

With its combination of strong binding power and high adjustability, our Tonsil® portfolio provides that system. From catalyst-poisoning metals to impurities like soaps, chlorine or sugar, it reliably removes many contaminants during pretreatment and final fuel polish, while reducing feedstock losses, preventing bottlenecks and enhancing filtration.

With a partner like Tonsil® and Clariant at your side, almost anything’s possible in purification.

Product Data Sheet
  • Feedstock flexibility - Large portfolio of solutions for purifying feedstocks and fuels
  • Effective purification - Highly efficient removal of many different types of contaminants
  • Enhanced conversion - Better reaction yields and longer catalyst life due to less poisoning
  • On-Spec polishing - Adsorbents can be used to purify biodiesel to the required specifications
  • Excellent service - Experienced experts ready to assist you during start-up and operation

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Tonsil RNF Series

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