Genapol LA 070 SG Vita

Lauryl Alcohol Ethoxylates

Edition Date :
April 11, 2022

Genapol LA 070 SG Vita is a nonionic, ethoxylated alcohol with excellent emulsifying and degreasing properties making it suitable for immersion and ultrasonic cleaning applications. Good hard water tolerance provides formulation flexibility while compatibility with aqueous bases makes it stable in high caustic-loading formulations.

This product is 100% bio-based with a fully segregated supply chain and a Renewable Carbon Index (RCI) of 100%.


  • Excellent degreasing and emulsification 
  • Stable in caustic and basic formulations
  • Compatible with cationic formulations 
  • Hard water tolerant 
Chemical Name
  • Laureth-7
Product Function
  • Nonionic emulsifier
Chemical Type
  • Fatty alcohol ethoxylates
  • Metal cleaner


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Genapol LA 070 SG Vita

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