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Polyglykol 1000*

Polyethylene glycol, average molar mass 1000 g/mol

Edition Date :
April 28, 2022

Polyglykol 1000 is a pasty PEG excipient grade product, produced under IPEC GMP conditions.

It is specified according to the requirements of the main international ICH guidelines and monographs (see below).


* only in combination with a Pharma CoA

Chemical Name
  • Polyethylene glycol, average molar mass 1000 g/mol


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Polyglykol 1000*

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Pharmacopoeia Name

USP-NF: Polyethylene glycol 1000, Ph. Eur.: Macrogol 1000

Physical appearance


Quality status

Excipient, IPEC GMP; Kosher certificate

Application function

Solvent, Ointment base




Certificate of Suitability (CEP) available