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Eco-friendly natural bentonite clay desiccant in a plastic free, bio-based package for moisture control

Desi Pak ECO Bentonite Clay Desiccant Packets

Desi Pak ECO desiccant packets are a specially designed moisture adsorbing solution focused on sourcing raw materials, and transportation packaging, with a lower environmental impact. They contain granulated bentonite clay that is highly adsorbent, naturally occurring, and responsibly mined. Packaging consists of plastic-free, bio-based paper. Desi Pak ECO carries the Clariant EcoTain® label for products with outstanding sustainability advantages.

Product Data Sheet
  • Responsibly mined, eco-friendly, natural bentonite clay desiccant
  • Reduced energy consumption and lower emissions due to a less complex production process
  • Highly adsorbent, specially selected high-grade bentonite clay can help avoid waste, re-work, and reproduction of goods damaged by moisture
  • U.S. Pharmacopeia USP <670> compliant clay available upon request
  • Plastic-free, bio-based packet made from raw materials that are sustainably grown
  • Safe for direct contact with food
  • Non-toxic, water-based ink & adhesive
  • No harsh chemicals used in the production of Desi Pak ECO
  • Global availability helps reduce transportation

Desi Pak ECO is available, upon request, with clay desiccant that complies with relevant U.S. FDA (21 CFR), suitable for use in food and drug packaging, and that comply with U.S. Pharmacopeia USP <670> testing requirements for Auxiliary Packaging Components.

Why use them?

When inserted into a properly sealed product package or container, Desi Pak ECO packets offer a sustainable way to prevent moisture-related damage to packaged goods and help prolong shelf life. In manufacturing, use, and disposal, they combine high performance with minimal environmental impact.  

Lower environment impact

A comparative environmental life cycle, based on desiccant manufactured in the United States of America, demonstrated that when compared with a functionally equivalent quantity of silica gel, Desi Pak ECO presents a lower life cycle impact across four endpoint indicators: human health, ecosystem quality, resource use, and global warming potential. 

Transportation packaging

Transportation packaging of Desi Pak ECO is also focused on materials with a lower environmental impact. The carton packaging used to transport Desi Pak ECO is specifically sourced to be recyclable and made from sustainably grown raw materials. Further, Desi Pak ECO comes packaged with cobalt-dichloride free (CDF) humidity indicator cards.

The CDF cards are free of cobalt-dichloride, a chemical regulated under European Chemical Bureau (ECB) REACH directives. The CDF cards help ensure the desiccant is in excellent condition and ready for use by helping to avoid: (1) unforeseeable moisture damage by using inactive desiccant and (2) the need to quarantine desiccant until tested to ensure moisture during shipping or storage has not compromised the desiccant.

Available Configurations

Desi Pak ECO bentonite clay desiccants are available as single packets made of bio-based paper that uses only water-based adhesives and inks that are non-toxic, and comply with U.S. FDA requirements for contact with food.

Standard bag sizes are 1-, 2-, 5-, 10-, and 33-gram packets. Custom sizes may be available upon request.

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Desi Pak ECO Bentonite Clay Desiccant Packets

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