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High Performance Antioxidant Solution for plastic materials

AddWorks® PKG 158

AddWorks PKG 158 is a highly efficient antioxidant solution that provides outstanding color protection and reduces thermal oxidative degradation of polymer during melting process and during long-term use. It provides good heat stability and can enhance the resin for plastics recycling after end of life.

Product Data Sheet
  • Outstanding Excellent color protection
  • High resin stability during conversion process
  • Excellent booster for OIT and long-term stability
  • Significant improvement of ESCR
  • Suitable for mechanical recycling
  • Easy-to-handle pills and micro-pills forms, resistant to moisture

Classification according CLP regulation (Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008, as amended).
    Short-term (acute) aquatic hazard, Cat. 3
    Long-term (chronic) aquatic hazard, Cat. 3 
For further information please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.

Chemical Composition

Chemical nature:        Antioxidant composition

Classification:             Antioxidant


Delivery Specifications and (*) General Properties 

Characteristics Unit Target value Test method  
Appearance   off-white free flowing granules QM-AA-634  
Bulk density [g/l] 400 - 600 QM-02TH-0201  

AddWorks PKG 158 is an antioxidant solution combining primary and secondary antioxidants.

AddWorks PKG 158 applies mainly to polyolefins and their copolymers and is suitable for most of thermoplastic polymers which are processed at high temperatures. It brings substantial resin improvements in numerous applications.

Recommended dosage level of AddWorks PKG 158:            0.10 - 0.20 % 

Packaging and Handling

Delivery form

Big Bag 500 kg with alum liner
Cardboard bos 240 kg contain 12 PE bags with alum liner of 20 kg

For best shelf life store this product in a dry area at normal ambient temperatures.
Minimum shelf life is two years from the date of shipping when properly stored.

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AddWorks® PKG 158

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