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Protecting the most precious resource: Our future

What is EcoTain?
The planet is facing big challenges, and EcoTain® is our way to ensure we are stepping up to them. It sets a benchmark for sustainable products. It drives action and collaboration for sustainability. It is our holistic approach and guiding star to constantly strive for sustainability excellence.
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»Sustainability is a market need.«

Christian Vang
Head of Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties

Five years of EcoTain®
  • Sustainable Additives
    Clariant provides a wide range of innovative and sustainable additives, from flame retardants (Exolit), to waxes (Ceridust and Licocene) to performance additives (AddWorks and Hostavin). Discover these high performing little helpers and their contribution to a safe home.
  • GlucoPure
    We developed an environmentally-friendlier surfactant that is not only sugar-based but also incredibly high-powered. And we call it GlucoPure.
  • A natural rheology modifier that brings real change
    Opening a jar of moisturizer and being greeted by the lumpy texture of half-melted ice cream is not the experience most consumers look for. Yet giving cosmetics perfect consistency can be quite tricky, especially with natural-based thickeners. With Plantasens® Biogum Tara, we present a natural rheology changer that brings real change to this challenge.
  • Mining Innovation
    Clariant Mining Solutions developed Xanthate Replacement technologies to provide operators with a safer and better alternative to xanthates.

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