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Our top priority


Our goal is zero accidents

One of Clariant’s most important objectives is the safety of its worldwide activities and the protection of people and of the environment. For this purpose we set protection goals that are valid throughout the group. The overall goal is zero incidents and zero accidents.

Comprehensive process safety management systems are in place across our plants to ensure high standards. Process risk analysis, change management, and regular audits are core elements to identify, eliminate and control risk in the production process.

Occupation safety is a main focus. Clariant closely monitors everything that could lead to an accident, examines its employees’ health on a regular basis, and keeps precise track of accidents – not only of its own teams, but also those of globally employed and supervised staff.

Our commitment to the safety of our employees includes clear safety rules and mandatory personal protective equipment to prevent injuries. Regular safety and health trainings are carried out by a network of local internal experts to implement the concept of work safety in employees’ mindsets.

This commitment to ensure that every employee returns home after work as healthy as they arrived at the workplace, is reflected in a set of management programs and leadership measures such as AvoidingAccidents@Clariant – a global program that creates safe working environments by raising awareness of safety and encouraging employees to record critical safety situations. Since the start of the program in 2007, the lost time accident rate (LTAR) has declined significantly from 0.92 to its lowest ever annual rate of 0.15 in 2018.

For more details see the annual Integrated Report.

  • A quarter century of improving safety
    Making specialty chemicals is a serious business – in which keeping people and the environment safe naturally has a special place. In the 25 years of its being, Clariant has accumulated an excellent record of being safe, and is continuously pushing forward on its self-set »path to zero.«
  • Our people and culture
    At Clariant, we firmly believe that trust, integrity, appreciation, and respect make our company and all its employees stronger. We want to create a motivating and fulfilling working environment for all of our employees as this will lead to strong and sustainable results.
  • Human Rights
    Respecting human rights is key in sound business governance and promoting socially sustainable growth. Clariant is committed to respecting and supporting human rights, both in our own operations, as well as in our business relationships and supply chains.
  • Integrated Report
    Latest information on Clariant’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance.