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SynDane® 系列

SynDane® 催化剂通过在固定床管式反应器中对正丁烷进行选择性氧化,经济高效地生产顺 。该催化剂具有卓越的高产量和高选择性等优点,大幅减少了丙烯酸和乙酸等副产物的形成以及其在下游的聚合,从而最大限度地缩短了顺酐工厂的停车时间。


  • 基于创新的微观结构和化学成分,具有卓越的高产量和高选择性的优点
  • 某些SynDane®催化剂具有专有的双α形状,可降低压降,从而最大程度地提升能源和工艺效率
  • 出色的操作稳定性确保催化剂寿命持久
  • 减少不需要的副产物(如丙烯酸和乙酸)的生成,从而最大限度缩短设备清洗的停车时间
  • 在后端水吸收工艺中,较少的副产物积累导致较低的水消耗,从而减少工艺用水
  • 在高正丁烷负荷和空速条件下运行,确保顺酐高效生产


  • 2023年11月21日
    <p>Clariant today announced that it has been awarded a major contract by Jiangsu Shenghong Petrochemical Co., Ltd, to use Clariant’s SynDane 3142 LA catalyst for its new maleic anhydride (MA) production plant in Lianyungang, Jiangsu province, China. </p>
  • 2022年07月12日
    Clariant has been awarded a major contract by Wanhua Chemical Group to supply catalysts for its new maleic anhydride plant, which will be one of the largest in the world. Designed to produce 200 kilotons of maleic anhydride annually, the plant will rely on Clariant’s SynDane catalyst for the production process. The facility will be located in Yantai city, Shandong province, and is scheduled to commence operation in 2023. Also based in Yantai, Wanhua is one of the largest chemical producers in China and is among the top 30 chemical producers globally by 2020 sales.
  • 2019年12月04日
    A new record for the MOL Group, and another highly satisfied customer for Clariant. In July 2017, MOL installed Clariant’s SynDane catalyst at their Danube maleic anhydride production plant in Százhalombatta, Hungary, for the first time. The unit reached its nameplate capacity of 22,000 metric tons per annum already a few weeks after start-up. Now, the plant’s latest figures reveal that the excellent performance and operability of the catalyst boosted productivity in 2018 by 17% versus its previous all-time high, allowing MOL to achieve its highest maleic anhydride yield to date.
  • 2019年08月27日
    Clariant, a focused and innovative specialty chemical company, today announced it will significantly expand the capacity of its catalysts production facility in Panjin, Liaoning province, Northeast China. A double-digit CHF million investment will further optimize the existing facility and enable the creation of a new state-of-the-art production line for Clariant’s SynDane maleic anhydride (MA) catalyst.
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