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Wax-based coating additives -
designed to add performance to your
coating finishes

Improve the look, feel and durability of coatings with our wide range of specialty waxes

To keep up with changing regulatory landscapes and consumer preferences, the coatings industry must meet many challenges. Our wax additives help formulators to adjust the appearance and properties of paints and coatings precisely to their needs.

Our offering comprises a wide range of polymers, montan-based waxes and biobased waxes. It can be used to boost the performance of water- and solvent-based paints and enhance the quality of UV and powder coatings in a large variety of applications. Clariant is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of quality wax solutions. Through intense collaboration and close relationships with our customers from the coatings industry, we develop and provide coating additives that help to give surfaces the beauty and protection that markets require.

High-performing wax additives for surface coatings and protective coatings

We make the life of coating manufacturers easier by providing a comprehensive range of specialty waxes for enhancing the performance of their products in terms of scratch resistance, special touch and feel effects, as well as matting and other properties. Our portfolio consists of four firmly established product lines: Ceridust®, Licocare®, Licocene® and Licowax®.

By providing technologies that reduce formulation complexity and improve overall cost and performance, our offering drives innovation in the coatings market. With solutions like our Licocare® RBW series, based on rice bran wax, and our renewably derived Ceridust® grades, we offer high-performing products that also stand out for their high sustainability. Based on our continuous upgrading of chemical and physical properties, we are able to provide an exceptionally diverse family of waxes for a wide range of applications.

See how we add value in the coatings segments we serve

  • Waxes in building & construction coatings
    Our wax additives are designed to enhance and protect a wide range of architectural coatings, from interior wall paints and wood finishes to solutions for exteriors. We even help to make the journey between homes safer with our products for road marking paint.
  • Waxes for performance coatings
    Our Licowax® and Ceridust® waxes help to increase the film thicknesses of ships and freighters. They also make crucial features of such films, like water resistance and slip performance, easier to control.
  • Waxes for packaging coatings
    Our wax additives for packaging coatings strengthen the protection of surfaces that have to be tough and wear-resistant. They help to preserve the attractive appearance of metal packaging, such as food and beverage cans or metal personal care containers. They can also be used to enhance the coatings of other packaging substrates, such as paper- or plastics-based materials.
  • Waxes for powder coatings
    Our wax additives help to protect the surfaces and control the appearance and touch of cured powder coatings. They also enhance the manufacturing process and storage stability of powder coatings, enabling higher throughput and quality.

Watch how we innovate to improve coatings

Find out more about our solutions for coating applications

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We help paints & coatings makers to keep in step with the times

While manufacturers are discovering the cost-saving potential of low temperature curing, consumers want reliable safety and a matte look that doesn’t get spoiled by rubbing our touching. With high-performing additives that have low melting points, are PTFE-free or combine strong matting with anti-burnish effects, we help coating makers to keep up with these trends.

Graphic listing the three important coating trends of low-temperature curing, PTFE-free solutions and anti-burnish resistance.
Three good reasons for choosing Clariant
key benefits of our wax offering

We offer products that are specially formulated to be easily dispersed in waterborne coating platforms


All Ceridust® products that contain PTFE comply with EU regulations for PFOA (well below 25 ppb PFOA)


Our PTFE-free alternatives provide similar properties and performance to additives that contain PTFE

Sustainability and compliance you can count on

Passion & hands-on support

to our customers globally through a dedicated technical team
Laboratory Centers

developing solutions for our customers
High-quality & innovative solutions 
delivering benefits to our customers  

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