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In a rapidly changing world, requirements and consumer needs are ever-changing, which increase the demands on each and every one of us. This effects the demands placed on companies and brands. Instead of quick reactions - we need to be the fastest. Instead of being generalists - we claim for specialists. Instead of reactionaries - proactivists. Instead of guessing, envisioning.

Clariant Personal Care offers a complete range of cosmetic ingredients, including actives, care ingredients such as moisturizers, emollients, emulsifiers, film formers, hair conditioning agents, pearlizers, preservatives, and mild surfactants.

We provide innovative personal care ingredients and premium cosmetic formulations to support hair & skin care globally, as well as specific solutions for applications such as men’s care, teenage or baby care, wet wipes, color cosmetics, hair styling, and sun protection.

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  • Plantasens Abyssinian Oil

    Plantasens Abyssinian Oil (INCI: Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil) is a unique oil derived from the Abyssinia plant – native to the sun-drenched windy open African Highlands and the South American Caatinga, some of the world regions that receive the highest UV exposures from the sun. A cold-pressed natural emollient with excellent heat stability and oxidation resistance with a great cushony after feel. Its unique composition, rich in omegas 6 and 9 and long-chain triglycerides leaves the skin nourished and hydrated. Mehr

  • Plantasens Olive LD

    Plantasens Olive LD (INCI: Hydrogenated Ethylhexyl Olivate (and) Hydrogenated Olive Oil Unsaponifiables) is a natural, very stable emollient which provides a premium sensory in numerous skin care and hair care products. The outstanding sensory profile makes it a sensorial alternative for dimethicone, and its very good solubilization power for crystalline UV filters makes it an an ideal choice for sun care applications. Mehr

  • Plantasens Olive Squalane

    Plantasens Olive Squalane is 100% olive origin and gives a soft and conditioned skin without greasy after feel. Mehr

  • Plantasens Emulsifier HE20

    Plantasens® Emulsifier HE20 (INCI: Cetearyl Glucoside, Sorbitan Olivate) is ideal for platform approaches. Its one-pot process offers formulators a faster, simplified and energy-efficient manufacturing process to develop oil-in-water emulsions with a light and velvety after-feel. Mehr

  • Plantasens Emulsifier HP30

    This GMO-free and PEG-free natural emulsifier system provides robust formulations. A patented well balanced emulsifier system with a high affinity to the skin’s amino-acid structures that adheres to the skin, giving a smooth and silky skin feel. Plantasens Emulsifier HP 30 (INCI: Glyceryl Stearate (and) Cetearyl Alcohol (and) Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate) is moisturizing, providing natural beauty for all skin types and is especially suitable for products developed for sensitive skin. Mehr

  • Plantasens Flash 80

    Plantasens Flash 80 (INCI: Dodecane / Fragrance) is a lightweight emollient characterized by fast spreading and a fabulous satiny after-feel. Being natural, it represents a perfect alternative to light emollients like D5 and a powerful aid for responding to the market’s call for weightless textures and silky sensory profiles. Mehr

  • Plantasens Flash 100

    Plantasens Flash 100 (INCI: Tridecane & Pentadecane) is a lightweight emollient that spreads fast and has a smooth and cozy after-feel. It offers a natural alternative to light cosmetic emollients like D5 and isohexadecane and enables a powerful response to consumer demand for airy textures and cushy sensory impressions. Skin care products formulated with Plantasens Flash 100 provide medium to long playtime, a film that is luminous without being glossy and a highly enjoyable finish. The emollient is an ideal candidate for formulations designed for longer spreading times and superlight and slim textures, for instance in make-up and sun and body care, but also in shampoos and masks. Plantasens Flash 100 is excellently suited for products for dry and sensitive skin and promotes efficient delivery of pigments. Mehr

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  • Plantasens Emulsifier CCT

    Plantasens Emulsifier CCT is especially recommended for wet wipe applications as it provides a simple system to create sub-micron emulsions from an easy-to-use concentrate. It is compatible with most oils or oil-soluble ingredients as well as with water-soluble ones. An emulsion is formed spontaneously as soon as water is added, and adjustable to cream, lotion and even spray viscosity with any thickener. This helps to produce wet wipes more efficiently by reducing process step. Mehr

  • Plantasens Emulsifier DGI

    A natural PEG-free emulsifier based on a patented technology. In combination with other emulsifiers or co-emulsifiers it allows a wide range of w/o textures due to its high emulsifying effect. Emulsions obtained with Plantasens Emulsifier DGI (INCI: Polyglyceryl-2 Sesquiisostearate) have very good spreading properties on the skin and provide a cushony after-feel. Mehr

  • Plantasens Emulsifier DGDS

    Plantasens Emulsifier DGDS is an EO-free polyglycerol-based emulsifier with high emulsiying effect and pleasant skin feel. It is Ecocert approved. Mehr

  • Hostacerin DGSB

    Hostacerin DGSB is a co-emulsifier with special emulsification power for vegetable oils. It is a viscosity builder. Mehr

  • Plantasens Emulsifier SFO

    Plantasens® Emulsifier SFO (INCI: Sunflower Seed Oil Sorbitol Esters) is a natural co-emulsifier based on vegetable, renewable, and GMO-free sources. Plantasens® Emulsifier SFO contributes to a rich, elegant skin feel and can be used in a wide variety of skin care products, ranging from very economic products to high-end formulations. It is especially recommended for creams and including sun care formulations. Mehr

  • Hostacerin WO

    Hostacerin WO is an easy to formulate emulsion base that avoids the handling of difficult handle stearates. Mehr

  • Plantasens Emulsifier HE20

    Plantasens® Emulsifier HE20 (INCI: Cetearyl Glucoside, Sorbitan Olivate) is ideal for platform approaches. Its one-pot process offers formulators a faster, simplified and energy-efficient manufacturing process to develop oil-in-water emulsions with a light and velvety after-feel. Mehr

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  • GlucoTain Care

    GlucoTain Care (INCI: Cocoyl Methyl Glucamide) is the most tender in our mild sugar surfactant family. With its rich and creamy foam, it still remains easy to rinse off and leaves a gently conditioned and moisturized after feel. Especially suitable for dry, damaged and sensitive hair and skin. Due to its sensory profile it is recommended for conditioning, repair and baby shampoos as well as pampering facial cleansers.Discover Value with GlucoTain. To learn more, click here. Mehr

  • GlucoTain Clear

    GlucoTain Clear (INCI: Capryloyl/Caproyl Methyl Glucamide) is our EO- and PEG-free hero surfactant for fresh and light formulations and an excellent solubilizer for fragrances for all kinds of products. This sugar surfactant offers formulations a boost through light and fluffy foam, easy rinse-off, and a squeaky-clean skin feel. Suitable for all skin types, GlucoTain Clear provides an ideal solution for refreshing, vitalizing shower products, hand wash, and 2-in-1 shower and hair products.Providing powerful foaming and cleaning in personal care and home care formulations, GlucoTain ingredients emit radically less CO2 from cradle to gate than for example the widely used APGs. Mehr

  • GlucoTain Flex

    GlucoTain® Flex (INCI: Lauroyl Methyl Glucamide) is our versatile sugar surfactant offering freedom when formulating. It supports the development of sulfate-free and CAPB-free formulations, and with its creamy foam, it leaves a squeaky-clean and nourished after-feel.Discover Value with GlucoTain. To learn more, click here. Mehr

  • GlucoTain Sense

    This powerful sensory additive adds a deep caring after-feel to your rinse-off formulations. GlucoTain® Sense (INCI: Sunfloweroyl Methylglucamide) is a mild sugar surfactant with refatting effects, it is non-tropical sourced, based on sunflower oil and sugar. Mehr

  • Hostapon CT LIQ

    Hostapon® CT Liquid (INCI: Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate) is a highly effective, low-cost alternative to traditional paste taurates. It is ideal for both cold processable and clear formulations. Hostapon® CT Liquid is your easy-to-formulate, sulfate-free solution. Mehr

  • Hostapon SCI- 85 C

    Hostapon SCI- 85 C (INCI: Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate) is a mild, anionic surfactant which gives high, dense and creamy foams making it suitable choice in the production of cream shampoos, body washes, etc.min 84% active substance - Flakes Mehr

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  • Perlogen SF 117

    Excellent pearlizing shine at low use concentrations due to a special product manufacturing process. Perlogen SF 117 (INCI: Aqua, Glycol Distearate, Laureth-4) is a betaine- and sulfate-free pearlizer. Mehr

  • Perlogen SF 3000

    Perlogen SF 3000 (INCI: Aqua, Glycol Distearate, Laureth-4, Cocamidopropyl Betaine) is a cold-processable, liquid pearlizer for rinse-off products, winner of the Henkel Best Innovation Contributor Beauty Care Award 2017. It delivers excellent silky shine to shampoos at low use concentrations due to a special manufacturing process. Mehr

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  • Aristoflex AVS

    Aristoflex AVS (INCI: Sodium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/VP Crosspolymer) is rheology modifier with excellent sensory benefits. Mehr

  • Aristoflex AVC

    Aristoflex AVC (INCI: Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/VP Copolymer) is a versatile polymer, offering exceptional rheological properties for all kinds of cosmetic formulations. This multi-purpose rheology modifier (pre-neutralized) gives formulations an excellent sensory benefit and is ideal for cream gels and aftershave products with melting sensorics, e.g. in suncare and men's care. Mehr

  • Aristoflex BLV

    Polymeric emulsifier (INCI: Ammonium Acrylodimethyltaurate/Beheneth-25 Methacrylate Crosspolymer) for low-viscosity formulations like lotions, wet wipes, sprayable formulations, hot and cold O/W formulations with an elegant and rich skin after-feel. Mehr

  • Aristoflex HMB

    Aristoflex HMB (INCI: Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/Beheneth-25 Methacrylate Crosspolymer) is a polymeric emulsifier compatible with a high amount of oils and surfactants. Hot and cold O/W formulations, viscoelastic, glossy and stable formulations, rich and elegant skin after-feel. Mehr

  • Aristoflex Silk

    Aristoflex® Silk (INCI: Sodium Polyacryloyldimethyl Taurate) is a multi-purpose rheology modifier delivering outstanding, silky skin feel and unique benefits like great salt tolerance in a wide range of formulations. The ideal polymer for formulations with active ingredients. Mehr

  • Aristoflex TAC

    Aristoflex TAC (INCI: Ammonium Acrylodimethyltaurate/Carboxethyl Acrylate Crosspolymer) is suspending agent suitable for surfactant-based systems. Stabilizes particles like pearls, organic and inorganic pigments, zinc pyrithione, oil droplets and air bubbles in surfacant systems, synergestic effects with biopolymers. Mehr

  • Aristoflex Velvet

    Aristoflex Velvet (INCI: Polyacrylate Crosspolymer-11) is a multi-purpose rheology modifier delivering soft, velvet skin feel and unique benefits in a wide range of formulations. Multi-purpose modifier delivering soft, velvety skin feel and unique benefits in a wide range of formulations, excellent solvent compatibility, particle stabilization, easy to add at any formulation step. Mehr

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  • Caremag D

    Consumer enthusiasm for safer, natural Personal Care is spreading to deodorants, reflected in the steadily increasing demand for new deodorants claiming to be aluminum-free. Mehr

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  • Genadvance® Hydra

    GENADVANCE® Hydra (INCI: Lauryl/Myristyl Polyricinoleate & Glycerin) is one of Clariant’s most Nature-friendly hair care ingredients for consumers who need to take care of their hair’s everyday wear and tear. Coming from a family of natural moisturizers, it delivers a great after-feel on dry hair. Hair feels moisturized and manageable. Because of its properties, this hair conditioning agent can be also used in products for children. Mehr

  • Genadvance® Life

    GENADVANCE® Life (INCI: Polyquaternium-116) is a hair conditioning agent that brings hair back to life. It is particularly efficient for thin and limp hair, delivering volume, shine and a breath of new life into hair. It will not make hair frizzy, can be used in many hair care formats, especially in silicone-free products, and it is very eco-friendly. Mehr

  • Genadvance® Repair

    GENADVANCE® Repair (INCI: Quaternium-98) does what its name promises, making very damaged hair sleek, smooth and healthy again. It also prevents further damage much better than current damage-protecting ingredients. GENADVANCE® Repair is probably the most weight efficient hair conditioning agent, so very economical to use. Mehr

  • Plantasens Crambisol

    Plantasens® Crambisol (INCI: Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil, Phytosterols, Oleyl Alcohol) was designed to address damaged and thinning hair. As a natural hair active it penetrate through the cuticle layers and into the cortex for strengthening the hair from the inside out. Especially suitable for rinse-off and leave-on products, Crambisol is recommended up to 5% in application. Mehr

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  • Neutrotain DMG

    NeutroTain DMG (INCI: Dimethylglucamine), renewable and versatile neutralizer for hair dyes, straighteners, aqueous gels and vegetable fatty acid soaps. This mild alkaline neutralizer is based on sugar. Mehr

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  • Eclipsogen Sorb M

    This UV filter provides a broad absorption spectrum, is highly photostable and compatible with most cosmetic ingredients. It's easy to formulate, allowing cold process formulation, and boosts efficacy for other UVB absorbers. Mehr

  • Eclipsogen Sorb S

    Highly efficient in formulations even at low concentrations. Intensive protection from UVA filters. Easy to formulate, e.g. readily solubilized in commonly used cosmetic emollients. Mehr

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While Origins gives access to the world’s ancient natural heritage, our Green Performers provide a powerful antidote to the myth that natural means less sophisticated in terms of function. The Green Performers range is composed by more than 50 ingredients that offers substantiated sustainable technologies for key building blocks of cosmetic formulations.

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As one of the main pillars of the Naturals platform, Origins celebrates both the wealth of global biodiversity and the magic of local roots. It uses Clariant’s extensive worldwide network of local partners to provide access to a whole new world of exotic biomes and age-old plant knowledge, complemented by transparent sourcing, responsible cultivation, and fascinating narratives.

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  • Velsan SC

    Velsan SC (INCI: Sorbitan Caprylate) is a rheology modifier, emulsifier and preservative booster in skin care products.For more details see our Innovation Spotlight video. Mehr

  • Velsan SPA

    Velsan® SPA (INCI: Phenethyl Alcohol, Sorbitan Caprylate) is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent Supports at every pH, alternative to Phenoxyethanol, no listed preservative. Mehr

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  • JM ActiCare

    JM ActiCare (INCI: Silver Chloride, Titanium Dioxide, Diethylhexyl) is a silver-based preservative for personal care products. Mehr

  • Nipaguard PO5

    Nipaguard® PO blends deliver superior performance compared to other market standards. Derived from Piroctone Olamine, these highly efficient blends provide you with an all-in-one preservation – from formula to headspace. They are easy to handle and process. Mehr

  • Nipaguard SCA

    Nipaguard® SCA (INCI: Sorbitan Caprylate, Benzyl Alcohol) is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent designed for the preservation of a wide range of cosmetics and toiletries. Nipaguard reduces the preservative load of your formulations significantly by use of synergist Velsan® SC. A COSMOS approved product as an alternative to Phenoxyethanol. Mehr

  • Nipaguard SCE

    Nipaguard SCE is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent comprised of a synergistic blend of benzoic acid in Velsan SC (INCI: Sorbitan Caprylate) and propanediol. The product exhibits microbial activity against a wide range of bacteria, yeast and molds. Nipaguard SCE is Ecocert certified, which makes it ideal for preservation of cosmetic products with “natural”claims. Mehr

  • Nipaguard SCL

    Nipaguard® SCL (INCI: Sorbitan Caprylate, Capryloyl/Caproyl Methyl Glucamide, Potassium Sorbate) is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent designed for the preservation of a wide range of cosmetics and toiletries. This Cosmos blend is high on renewable ingredients, which makes it ideal for preservation of natural cosmetic products. An innovative alternative to parabens. Mehr

  • Nipaguard SCP

    Nipaguard SCP is part of the Nipaguard Zero line of optimized preservative blends that contain no parabens, yet deliver comparable performance. Nipaguard SCP is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent comprising a synergistic blend of Velsan SC in Phenoxyethanol designed for the preservation of a wide range of cosmetics and toiletries. It provides activity against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, yeasts, and molds. Mehr

  • Nipaguard SCV

    Nipaguard SCV (INCI: Sorbitan Caprylate, Phenoxyethanol, Benzyl, Alcohol, Benzoic Acid) is part of the Nipaguard Zero line of optimized preservative blends that contain no parabens, yet deliver comparable performance. Nipaguard SCV is a synergistic broad-spectrum blend of antimicrobial agents comprising Velsan SC, Phenoxyethanol, Benzyl Alcohol and Benzoic Acid. Mehr

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