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Powered by nature.
Advanced with science.

Clariant has launched in 2017 a new business unit dedicated to cosmetic active ingredients for skin care and hair care products: Clariant Active Ingredients.

Because the cosmetic industry always requires new innovative ingredients for their formulations, and because consumers are turning more and more to natural products, Clariant Active Ingredients proposes a wide range of natural active ingredients that respond to the emerging trends in customers’ needs and customers’ habits. The efficacy of these actives have already been saluted by the industry that awarded them several awards.

Powered by nature

Nature is rich in powerful molecules, developed by plants for millennia to protect themselves and ensure efficient biological function. They inspire Clariant Active Ingredients for the research and development of new actives that will help the skin protect itself against environmental factors and keep on working efficiently, to remain healthy and ensure cutaneous well-being.

Advanced with science

Clariant Active Ingredients offers active ingredients whose effectiveness is proved by several in-vitro, ex-vivo and clinical tests. Our company provides robust and complete scientific dossiers for its range of products and a number of its natural plant actives have been used over centuries in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Ayurveda and other traditional uses in Asia and the Americas.



Inspired by the power of roots that naturally produce molecules to protect themselves against the harsh soil environment, Clariant and its new partner use advanced scientific processes to unveil and amplify the production of rare molecule from root origins, in a sustainable way that doesn't destroy the plant. This innovative technology makes it possible to source the unsourcable and bring to the market new solutions for the skincare industry.

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Our skin faces abundant challenges – from environmental influences such as pollution to natural dermatological conditions such as oiliness or dryness. With a wide range of active ingredients, Clariant Active Ingredients offers innovative answers for the big challenges in cosmetics:



Active ingredients that target chrono-aging, photo-aging or inflamm'aging to prevent fast aging. By stimulating the synthesis of extracellular matrix components, they decreasing wrinkles and fine lines, and reduce the loss of firmness to restore skin’s youth.  Epseama , our newest product, targets the three causes of aging at once through innovative biological pathways. It was already granted a silver prize by the BSB Innovation Awards in 2018.

Environment Protection


Innovative active ingredients that will support the skin cells in building their own defense to counteract signs of environmentally-induced damages to the skin, such as Eosidin®, winner of the silver prize at the ITEHPEC Innovation Award 2017 and of the Sustainable Beauty Award 2018, or B-Circadin, winner of the silver prize at the BSB Innovation Award 2018 for its innovative mechanism to restore the cells’ circadian rhythm.

Hair Care


Active ingredients that protect and restore the hair and scalp to keep them in good condition, such as AppleStem, that restores the scalp cell's vitality.







Melanin is responsible for skin pigmentation. In case of skin disorders, its production can be altered and hyperpigmentation may occur. This leads to the appearance of dark spots and leads to an uneven tone.

Clariant Active Ingredients proposes a range of natural actives such as Alpha-Melight®, HodVital® or MadeWhite that effectively reduce the production of melanin by melanocytes, to recover an even tone and lightened complexion.



Moisturizing active ingredients help restore the hydration balance of the skin. A loss in hydration can impair the skin’s natural barrier function, leading to epidermal water loss and desquamation.

To preserve skin water content, Clariant Active Ingredients offers a range of natural actives such as Cellike that keep the skin hydrated and plumped.

Oily Skin


Oily skin is characterized by excessive sebum production and plugged pores. To control sebum release and prevent acne-prone skin, active ingredients for oily skin provide anti-irritation and antimicrobial properties. Skin imperfections are reduced.

Gesolza and Herbex™ Magnosoother are two products of Clariant Active Ingredients portfolio that reduce sebum production in oily-skins.

Skin Repair


These active ingredients help repair compromised stratum corneum or epidermis. They also provide relief to a skin damaged by UV radiation.

Clariant Active Ingredients proposes natural actives that can contribute to recover a strong skin to reinforce its barrier function, such as HerbEx™ Yeast Beta Glucan.



Slimming active ingredients are designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Thanks to firming and tightening effects, they improve the body shape.

With IsoNari, Clariant Active Ingredients proposes an active with firming and slimming properties.



When skin is irritated or stressed, feelings of discomfort, itching, and stinging occur. Soothing active ingredients decrease irritation and sensitive skin reactions.

Clariant Active Ingredients has a large range of actives, such as MultiEx BSASM and CalmYang™ Wax that can effectively help to calm and comfort the skin.



The uniformization of skin tone, a healthy skin complexion, and bright as well as smooth skin are characteristic features of radiant beauty and beautiful, healthy skin.

Clariant Active Ingredients proposes an active to improve skin uniformization: HerbEx Hydrangea Extract.





Instead of fighting against aging by using products with traditional anti-aging claims, customers are now instead embracing their years. Discover active ingredients that can support wellness through well-aging solutions.




The skin microbiota is a major contributor to skin health and its well-being. Discover how postbiotic active ingredients can support it.


Discover how to combine the powerful actives through innovative formulation concepts: the new brand Sc[ai]turalist, launched in 2019, provide examples of formulations to respond to the latest trends in cosmetics.


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