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  • Landwirtschaft & Futtermittel

    Clariant is a global provider of specialty chemicals for the agriculture industry. Learn more about our broad portfolio of additives, adjuvants & agrochemicals. Mehr

  • Fahrzeug & Transport

    Clariant is a global provider of specialty chemicals for the automotive industry including brake fluids, flame retardants, light stabilizers, and pigments. Mehr

  • Luftfahrtindustrie

    Clariant is a global provider of specialty chemicals for the aviation industry including deicers, flame retardants, pigments, and clay treatment products. Mehr

  • Bauwesen

    Clariant is a global provider of specialty chemicals for the construction industry including superplasticizers, concrete additives, and drilling additives. Mehr

  • Chemische Zwischenprodukte

    Clariant offers reliable chemical intermediates and special solvents along with expert services to meet customer-specific needs. Mehr

  • Lacke, Anstriche & Druckfarben

    Clariant is a global provider of specialty chemicals for the paints & coatings industry including paint additives, waxes, and pigments for coatings. Mehr

  • Konsumgüter

    Clariant is a global provider of specialty chemicals for consumer goods including pigments preparations, colorants, and multifunctional additives. Mehr

  • Digitaldruck & Fertigungen

    Clariant is a global provider of solutions for digital printing including 3D printing filaments and high-performance colorants. Mehr

  • Elektrik & Elektronik

    Clariant is a global provider of specialty chemicals for electronics including additives & colorants for cables/displays, flame retardants and nano-silver inks. Mehr

  • Nahrungsmittel & Getränke

    Clariant is a global provider of solutions for the F&B industry including food ingredients, oil & beverage purification specialties, and packaging. Mehr

  • Medizinische Versorgung

    Clariant is a global provider of specialized solutions for the healthcare industry including packaging and masterbatches compounds. Mehr

  • Home Care

    Clariant is a global provider of specialty chemicals for the home care industry including colorants, surfactants, defoamers, biocides, and textile polymers. Mehr

  • Industrial Care

    Clariant is a global provider of specialty chemicals for industrial manufacturing processes including heat transfer fluids and lubricant additives. Mehr

  • Mining

    Clariant is the only global supplier in the mining industry to provide customized solutions across all the stages of the mining process. Mehr

  • Öl & Gas

    Clariant is a global leader in the development, application, and supply of specialty chemicals and services to the oil & gas industry. Mehr

  • Verpackungen

    Clariant is a global provider of packaging solutions including additive masterbatches and colorants for packaging inks. Mehr

  • Körperpflegeprodukte

    Clariant is a global provider of solutions for the personal care industry including actives, colorants and cosmetic ingredients for skin, hair, sun & baby care. Mehr

  • Kunststoffe & Polymere

    Clariant is a recognized global provider of sustainable solutions for the plastics industry including additives, colorants, and stabilizers. Mehr

  • Raffinerie & Petrochemikalien

    Clariant is committed to the refinery and petrochemicals industry for decades and has the expertise to support customers thanks to its local resources. Mehr

  • Textilien & Fasern

    As a global provider of chemical solutions for the textile industry, Clariant offers historical expertise to improve the quality of fibers and garments. Mehr

  • Abfallmanagement

    Clariant is highly committed to sustainable technologies to help make the planet a cleaner place. Learn more about our waste management solutions. Mehr

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