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Absorption fluid

Genosorb® 1843

Polyethylene glycol dialkyl ethers are well-established absorption fluids for scrubbing waste air and waste gas streams containing a variety of components, mostly solvents and acid gases.

Being mixtures of homologues, polyethylene glycol dialkyl ethers have average molecular masses. The higher molecular weight polyethylene glycol dialkyl ethers are thermally and chemically stable substances with low viscosities and low vapor pressures. They are excellent absorbents for AGR processes, mercaptane absorption and VOC abatement. In practice a large number of acid gas and waste gas purification plants are operated with Genosorb®. Gas streams ranging from 0.5 to > 500 000 Nm3/h are treated continuously.
  • Low viscous, dark colored liquid with a faint characteristic odor
  • Non-toxic
  • Stabilized against oxidation
  • Miscible in any ratio with ethanol, acetone, benzone, ethers
  • Insoluble in water
  • Low vapor pressure
  • Used for removal of organic solvents
  • Suitable for the removal of e.g. hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, ethers
Product details
  • Solvent
  • Gas absorption fluids
  • Gas Absorbtion Fluids
Technical Data
Molar mass [g/mol] 270
Appearance   low viscous, dark
Boiling range at 1013mbar [°C] >250
Vapour pressure at 20°C [mbar] <0.002
Density at 20°C [g/cm3] 0.93
Setting point [°C] -44
Water absorbtion at 20°C [%m/m] 3
Solubility in water at 20°C [%m/m] 1.5
Viscosity at 20°C [mm2/s] 4 - 5
Electrical conductivity at 25°C [S/m] 1.10*109
Specific heat at 50°C [J/g*K] 2.20
Thermal conductivity at 20°C [W/m*K] 0.1493
Flash point (DIN 51758) [°C] 154
Ignition point (DIN 51794) [°C] 205
Waste air purification, suitable for removal of e.g. soslvents, e.g. hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, ethers.
VOC Abatement
he products Genosorb® 300 and Genosorb® 1843 were designed for scrubbing of VOCs such as alcohols, ketones, chlorinated and fluorinated hydrocarbons, aromatics, hydrocarbons etc.

They have proved successful in around 50 installations for VOC abatement around the world. Unlike incineration or adsorption, the Genosorb® process allows recycling of valuable organic compounds from waste gases.

Genosorb® 1843 is a polyglycol dibutyl ether and is used to physically absorb non-polar compounds such as aromatics and hydrocarbons. Genosorb® 1843 does not mix with water. It contains a stabilizer and tolerates acidic components in the gas stream.

Genosorb® 300 is a polyglycol dimethyl ether and physically absorbs polar VOCs like alcohols, aldehydes etc. It is completely miscible with water. It contains a stabilizer and tolerates acidic components in the gas stream.

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Genosorb® 1843

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