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Änderungsdatum :
Juni 29, 2021
Enhanced formulation flexibility: LAUNDROSIL® and LAUNDROCLIN® detergent additives by Clariant Functional Minerals

Alchemists turned lead into gold, at Clariant we turn liquids into solids: LAUDROCLIN® detergent additives are free-flowing, non-sticky granules of non-ionic surfactants. They considerably enhance the flexibility of formulators to add any amount non-ionics to their products, without the risk of gel formation, reactions with other ingredients, and most importantly, no investment in spraying capacity.

If you want to send your message in color, Clariant is here to help, too: LAUNDROSIL® colored speckles are available on a wide range of carriers and colors, and all come with high mechanical stability, fast disintegration and no risk of leaching and staining. As a bonus, bentonite-based speckles add a distinct fabric softening, non-greying and easy-ironing effect that consumers will love.


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