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Improved food packaging safety

Änderungsdatum :
Januar 27, 2022

To prevent mineral oil migration (MOSH/MOAH) from the packaging boards & papers into food, Clariant’s natural bentonite product, OPAZIL™ FFR , offers you the safe & flexible solution.

Due to the specific absorption properties of the active adsorbent, this product enables food-packaging manufacturers to reduce potential health risks by adjusting and streamlining their production process without jeopardizing food safety standards. 



Sustainable and safe: With sustainability as one of the core corporate values, Clariant is the right partner for food packaging safety.  

OPAZIL™ FFR, the natural functional filler for packaging cardboard solution.

  • EcoTain® listed
  • Patent filed


Flexible: The fine granulated adsorbents as functional filler offer easy process adaption.


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Challenge & Solution


Avoiding mineral oil migration from packaging into food.


OPAZIL FFR, the natural Bentonite solution, protects food from mineral oil migration.


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