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Clariant Oil Services’ SCAVTREAT scavengers are used to control hydrogen sulfide, iron sulfide, sulfide scale and oxygen.

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Clariant Oil Services offers a suite of water-soluble and oil-soluble scavengers for removing sulfide species from both gases and liquids, as well as a range of batch and continuously injected products designed to remove FeS or treat the cause of its formation. SCAVTREAT scavengers also are used to scavenge oxygen, the choice of which is dependent upon the concentration of oxygen present, and are available as multifunctional products that combine oxygen scavenging with other production chemical treating solutions. 

SCAVTREAT scavengers provide an improved Health, Safety and Environmental impact, in-specification export crude oil and produced gas, reduced / eliminated unplanned shutdowns, reduced operating costs through improved integrity management, improved plant operating efficiency, increased production, reduction in use of water clarifiers and / or emulsion breakers, and injection well performance improvement.
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