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Exolit® 855

Phosphoric acid ester

Änderungsdatum :
Juli 14, 2022

Exolit 855 is a proprietary mixture containing liquid partial phosphoric acid esters for intumescent transparent fire protection applications for wood. The clear liquid is fully soluble in water, non-hygroscopic and non-flammable.


• Key ingredient for the transparent intumescent coating on various kinds of wood
• Contains, in the combination with melamine-formaldehyde resins all necessary reaction partners for an intumescent reaction
• Exolit 855 is an aqueous solution and can hence not be used in solvent-based formulations
• Reacts at lower temperatures than conventional systems
• Allows the combination of excellent fire-resistance and durability in high humid indoor areas with brilliant wood surfaces
• Its unique transparency and clarity allows the formulation of clear varnishes on various wooden surfaces like MDF, chipboards, plywood and veneered wood


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Exolit® 855

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