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Pre-Reforming Catalyst for Natural Gas, LPGs and Naphthas

ReforMax® 100

ReforMax® 100 is a highly active and stable nickel-based pre-reforming catalyst that is designed to handle the entire range of hydrocarbon feedstocks – from natural gas to LPGs and naphthas. It effectively protects the downstream steam reforming catalyst and tubes, thus extending their lifetimes.

ReforMax 100 also offers the option of increasing overall plant capacity, and allows operation at lower steam-to-carbon ratios. The robust tablet structure of our pre-reforming catalyst significantly improves pressure drop stability. In addition to ReforMax 100, we also offer a pre-reduced and stabilized version, ReforMax® 100RS
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  • Feed Flexibility, especially for heavier hydrocarbons like Naphtha, Natural Gas & variable refinery off gases 
  • Can be steamed for carbon & sulphur removal and re-reduced for activation
  • Proven operating references with High LHSV
  • Long Life versus Design
  • Thermal stability at elevated temperature 
  • Robust tablet structure with stable Pressure Drop 
Product compositionNiO on alumina
Size4.7 x 4.7
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