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Desi Pak® Bentonite Desiccant

It has never been easier to protect both your moisture sensitive products and the environment, thanks to Clariant’s line of bentonite clay desiccants. Desi Pak® offers you top of the line protection that’s good for your products, your supply chain, your customers and the environment.

First, performance. Bentonite clay is highly adsorbent, meaning that even at full water vapor capacity, it remains dry and free-flowing, without any change in size, shape or texture.

And while bentonite clay and silica gel desiccants are comparable on a unit-for-unit basis, tests show that bentonite clay offers higher adsorption capacity in the most common and relevant conditions. This is all a complicated way of saying that with Desi Pak desiccants, your textiles, leather, electronics such as moisture sensitive surface mount devices (MSDs)(SMDs), food and more will be kept safe and dry in storage or transit.

Desi Pak Desiccant Bags

Bentonite clay is a natural alternative to some of the other desiccant options out there. It can be sourced locally, reducing transport-related carbon footprints and environmental impact. Unlike silica gel desiccants that are manufactured synthetically mostly in China and then shipped worldwide, our bentonite clay is sourced from one of Clariant’s 40 bentonite mines, allowing for local distribution.

What’s more, the production and processing of Desi Pak requires no chemical additives or solvents: it is simply extruded, dried and graded. The process requires low energy and water consumption. Clariant is continuously working to reduce the amount of energy consumed even further, currently testing the possibility of sun drying the bentonite clay.

Once the mining operation is complete, Clariant manages the restoration and replanting of the mining areas, ensuring that they are at an equal or better state than when our operations began.

Clariant bentonite desiccant mine re-cultivated

When you choose Desi Pak desiccants, you can rest easy knowing that both your products and the environment are in good hands.

To learn more about our bentonite clay desiccants, download our white paper: Bentonite desiccants – The natural, sustainable desiccant solution for moisture controlled packaging

Infographic: Silica Gel Desiccants and Bentonite Desiccants, discover the difference
Silica Gel desiccant and Clay desiccant infographic

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