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Our solutions for food protection


The presence of oxygen and moisture inside packaged food products can lead to a wide array of problems that ultimately result in food degradation, product loss, and brand image. Both oxygen and moisture allow the formation and growth of aerobic microorganisms, such as bacteria, mold, and fungi. When this happens, oils and fats in foods begin to turn rancid, leading to a change in color and an unpleasant odor. Additionally, foods can lose their vitamin and nutritional value once they are exposed to these oxidative conditions.


To help our customers safely and efficiently protect their valuable products against such loss, Clariant offers Oxy-Guard™ Oxygen Scavengers, also known as oxygen absorbers, and Desi Pak® bentonite clay desiccants for moisture adsorption in food packaging. Also available for container shipments of food, our Container Dri® II cargo desiccants absorb moisture during transport, which could otherwise damage or destroy food.

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