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Providing sustainable fire safety -
serving the industries around the world

Effective and enhanced solutions for your flame retardant applications

We provide our fire retardants to many industries and constantly strive to optimize them for each use. We are proud of our pioneering role in developing cutting-edge non-halogenated flame retardants for thermoplastics, as well as of our solid position in providing the key ingredients of intumescent and fire-resistant coatings.

Our solutions for thermosets combine high performance with low impact on materials, and our phosphorus-based products also give better fire protection to many applications. One day, our flame retardants may even enhance the safety of the first trip to Mars.

Interested in flame retardant innovation? You're on a hot trail!

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Innovation made as easy as one-two-three -
key benefits of our fire retardants


Produced with cutting-edge, safe and clean technologies and decades of experience in non-halogenated chemistry


Products are recognized as sustainable by third-party NGOs and several carry our EcoTain® label for sustainability excellence


Some Exolit® grades are available under »Terra« designation, indicating earth-friendly origin from renewable raw materials

Why rely on our expertise? Just go by the numbers

Wall Thickness
achievable with Exolit® OP in
UL 94V-0-rated E&E parts
Maximum Temperature
which can be reached in our test
oven for fire protection coatings
Heat Release Rate
attainable with Exolit®
AP in EU-compliant
railway composites

Watch how we innovate to improve our safety

Can our products contribute to improving plastic circularity? Rudolf Pfaendner has the answer

»In our cooperation project with Clariant, it was shown for the first time that halogen-free flame-retarded polyamides are recyclable. Even after five extrusion cycles and oven aging, flame retardancy is still the same as in virgin materials.«

Portrait of Prof. Dr. Rudolf Pfaendner from the Fraunhofer Institute LBF.
Rudolf Pfaendner
Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability (LBF)

Improve your line of business with our innovative lines of FR solutions

Graphic showing the industries in which Clariant's flame retardants are used, such as construction, E&E, textiles, transportation and industrial applications.

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