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Teaming up to drive technology change -
supporting halogen-free solutions with PINFA

A home for stoking the fire of stakeholder exchange

Non-halogenated flame retardants combine fire safety with better health and environmental profiles. In pinfa, the Phosphorus, Inorganic and Nitrogen Flame Retardant Association, their manufacturers and users work together to communicate and advance their benefits.

As a leading producer of phosphorus flame retardants using inorganic and nitrogen synergists, Clariant is proud to be a founding member of this sector group of the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic). Also working from a North American and Chinese branch, its members seek constant technology improvement through dedicated stakeholder exchange.

Modern fires require modern fire safety

Finding more burnable fuels, fires grow much faster today than 40 years ago. Halogen-free phosphorus, inorganic and nitrogen flame retardants, or PIN FRs for short, can provide up-to-date and sustainable protection.

While phosphorus flame retardants intend to insulate materials with a charred layer, inorganic and nitrogen compounds are designed to dilute and quench the flames. Used alone or together in customized solutions, they can combine high fire safety with lower risks to health and nature. Pinfa advocates use of PIN FRs in open and positive dialogue with regulators, NGOs, scientists and all relevant industries.

A fire safety solution you can pin your faith on,
key benefits of pin flame retardants


Several varieties were found preferable by third-party research and institutions, such as ENFIRO, the EPA, and GreenScreen®


PIN FRs can increase the fire safety of buildings, transport and electronics safe and reduce the toxic smoke that is the main cause of fire-related deaths


The fire safety of natural and recycled insulation materials can be reliably improved with halogen-free PIN FRs

Are PIN FRs a hot solution for fire protection? Adrian Beard burns with enthusiasm

»PIN flame retardants are one of those great sustainable improvements that doesn’t compromise on performance. With the many benefits they bring, they’re a pleasure to explain and endorse.«

Portrait of Dr. Adrian Beard from Clariant.
Dr. Adrian Beard
pinfa Chairman, Clariant

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