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Our Exolit® VF line for viscose fibers
a perfect fit for flame-resistant clothing

Ensuring safety and comfort in the heat of action

In safety and protective clothing, both fire resistance and fatigue-reducing wearing comfort can save lives. Tailored for use in viscose fibers, our halogen-free Exolit® VF flame retardants help to enhance the safety, comfort and sustainability of flame-resistant apparel.

Non-halogenated flame retardants for viscose / rayon fibers

Flame-resistant viscose fibers – often referred to as FR viscose or FR rayon – are widely used to enhance the safety and comfort of firefighter suits and other protective wear. Our Exolit® VF line offers two phosphorus-based solutions specially designed for the viscose process and helping to meet customer’s high performance expectations for FR fabrics and blends.

Exolit® 5060 PK comes as wet press cake. Exolit® 5060 DP is a fine aqueous dispersion ready to be added to the spinning mass. Both can provide lasting fire retardancy without affecting processing and combine exceptional wash fastness with high wearing comfort.

High limiting oxygen index can be achieved with EXOLIT® 5060 for viscose

Chart showing Exolit® 5060 for viscose achieves a high limiting oxygen index when tested with the relevant ISO method.

Powerful flame resistance that doesn't wash out
key benefits of our EXOLIT® VF products


Flammability of finished fibers is significantly and durably reduced while wearing comfort is maintained


High stability in acidic and basic media, as well as in conditions characterized by strong redox activity


Exceptional resistance to washing and cleaning, even under the harsh conditions of dry cleaning

Why are we particularly proud of our Exolit® VF solutions? Oliver Hauenstein knows the answer

»Firefighters risk their lives to keep us safe. By providing custom-made, long-lasting and highly effective flame retardants for their garments, we contribute to protecting them.«

Portrait of Oliver Hauenstein from Clariant.
Oliver Hauenstein
Product Manager Flame Retardants, Clariant

Made-to-measure viscose safety that fits like a glove

Limiting oxygen index
achieved by adding 20%
Exolit® 5060 to viscose
(standard LOI: 20%)
Washing cycles
without loss of FR
performance possible for
textiles containing our
contained in active
ingredient of Exolit®
5060 for powerful effects

Advanced fire protection with our EXOLIT® VF line

  • Exolit® 5060 PK
    Clariant´s Exolit 5060 PK is an organic non-halogenated phosphorus flame retardant, especially designed for incorporation into viscose fibres. It is supplied as a wet presscake of 2,2'-oxybis [5,5-dimethyl-1,3,2-dioxaphosphorinane]-2,2'-disulfide.
  • Exolit® 5060 DP
    Exolit 5060 DP is a finely dispersed aqueous dispersion which is ideally suitable for incorporation into the viscose spinning mass. The active ingredient Exolit 5060 DP is an organic, non-halogenated phosphorus compound. Exolit 5060 DP significantly reduces the flammability of the finished fibres. The effect is highly permanent and does not affect spinning and subsequent processing or finishing steps of the fibres. The level of active substance (Exolit 5060 DP) incorporated in the fibres determines the flammability, measured by the Limited Oxygen Index (LOI).

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