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From single additives to a portfolio of powerful solutions

Clariant is continuously developing its portfolio of additive solutions for the plastics and coatings industry according to your needs. We started with single components for a multitude of technical challenges such as e.g. thermal stabilization, sun and oxidation protection as well as flame retardancy and process stabilization, which form the foundation of our portfolio.

Listening closely to our customers and understanding their needs, we are using our long-term expertise and profound technical knowledge to develop new state-of-the-art special additive combinations which are designed and optimized for the needs of particular market segments and application fields. We focus on both chemistry and the physical form to address easy and safe material handling.

Like in a kaleidoscope, where colored pieces of glass are reflected by mirrors and create ever-changing patterns, our performance additives are combined into an endless variety of solutions to help you optimize the performance of your products and production processes.

Simply by adding them you profit from a multitude of benefits. That is why we call them »AddWorks®«: You ADD them and they WORK for you. Reliable, proven and ready-to-use solutions: Our AddWorks® product family lowers total cost of ownership, reduces process complexity and allows you to fully focus your workforce and assets on your business. Discover the multitude of opportunities they offer for your line of work and make a tangible difference in your market!


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Welcome to our Service and Delivery Standards

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    Appreciating the needs of our customers is one of the leading priorities for us. As part of our on-going efforts to enhance the service towards customers we have developed a condensed and practical overview of our service and delivery standards.

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