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AddWorks® for agricultural films -
strong plastic films and protected crops

Add power to your agricultural films with ADDWORKS® solutions for agriculture

Easily incorporated into the production, the AddWorks® AGC solutions provide agricultural films and other agroplastics with exactly the properties to make customers happy: improved agrochemical resistance – e.g. against sulfur used to increase crop yield – and better durability, effective light stability and longer service life. The resulting finely nuanced photoselectivity creates ideal light conditions for natural pollination by bees, while allowing healthy crops growth and integrated pest management

Let us help you cultivate a business that naturally flourishes by using our easy-to-handle, 100% active substance solutions from the AddWorks® AGC range. By adding convenient forms like granules or pellets to your process, we contribute to reducing additive loss. In short, you improve productivity by saving time, effort and money. Total cost of ownership is additionally lowered by the avoidance of mixing mistakes and overdosing, as well as by the reduction of chemical waste and associated treatment costs.


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