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AddWorks® for automotive and transportation -
for a smarter, more sustainable driving experience

Move ahead with performance with AddWorks® solutions for automotive and transportation

Our AddWorks® solutions help you to speed up on the road towards more sustainable solutions. As the automotive industry replace, wherever possible, with plastics to lower the vehicle’s total weight to improve fuel or energy consumption, Clariant has developed innovative solutions for the world of polymers used in automotive and transportation applications.

The AddWorks® ATR series comprises a full range of high performance light, heat and processing stabilization solutions. AddWorks® ATR solutions for under-the-hood contribute to improve the manufacturing process of filled plastic parts and to protect the material against high temperatures near the motor. AddWorks® ATR solutions for interior applications aim to fulfill the most stringent VOC requirements and maintain aesthetics of visible parts after years of use. AddWorks® ATR solutions for exterior provide outstanding UV protection and durability to exposed parts such as bumpers. The solutions will further contribute to enhancing the features of automotive plastic parts in terms of polymer protection, productivity improvement and cost as well as energy savings, in line with Clariant’s commitment to its core values: Performance – People – Planet.


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