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Additive solutions for plastics in industrial building and construction making plastics durable, safer and more attractive

In the area of plastics used in industrial building and construction, Clariant has come up with a range of innovative solutions for polymer improvement. They make roofs and outdoor decks more weather-proof, window frames more aesthetic, and in some cases they can even make watching a soccer match a much more pleasurable experience. Thanks to the protection given by light stabilizers as well as a strong heat resistance resulting from the use of antioxidants or heat stabilizers, plastics for Industrial, Building and Construction using Clariant's AddWorks® IBC solutions are well protected against temperature, even high temperature during conversion or end use, or even against intense UV radiation, as well as other difficult weather conditions.   


  • AddWorks® LXR 568 MP
    AddWorks LXR 568 MP is a highly efficient phosphorous based processing stabilizer solution, which reduces the thermo-oxidative degradation of polymers and the development of undesired color (yellowing). AddWorks LXR 568 MP shows enhanced hydrolytic stability, a high thermal stability and high solubility in polymeric materials. It has a broad compatibility in coating polymers.
  • Hostanox® O 3 pills
    Hostanox O 3 pills is a highly efficient phenolic antioxidant with high resistance against hydrolysis, providing long term heat stabilization to polyolefins and polyamide especially for applications where the final article comes in contact with extractive media such as water, fat etc.
  • Hostanox® OSP 1
    Hostanox OSP 1 is a high efficient antioxidant and metal deactivator which prevents the auto-catalytic decomposition of polyolefins. The usage of metal deactivators is mandatory as long as the polyolefin based finished article comes into contact with transition metals, such as Cu, Fe, Ni, Ti, etc.
  • Hostavin® ARO 8 powder
    Hostavin ARO 8 powder is a hydroxy-benzophenone UV absorber for the application in coatings and plastic materials.
  • Hostavin® B-CAP™
    Hostavin B-CAP is a UV absorber with pronounced absorptivity in the high energy (low wavelength) range of the UV spectrum.
  • Hostavin® N 30 pills
    Hostavin N 30 pills is an oligomeric hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS), designed for light stabilization of plastic materials. This HALS is characterized by its broad compatibility and excellent resistance to migration.
  • Hostavin® N 392 micro powder
    Hostavin N 392 micro powder is a mixture of the oligomeric HALS Hostavin N 30 and a wax to improve distribution of the product in the resin. The fine particle size of Hostavin N 392 micro powder in combination with a carefully selected wax leads to a significant improvement in the distribution of the light stabilizer in the resin even in applications without strong mechanical mixing efforts like rotomoulding or sintering.
  • Hostavin® VSU powder
    Hostavin VSU powder is an Oxalanilide UV absorber, a low volatile polar substance with good heat stability. It is resistant to discoloration with metal ions, e.g. from polymerization catalyst residues, fillers or from contact surfaces. Hostavin VSU powder absorbs the UV light especially in the UV-B range, and is therefore a stabilizer of choice for combinations with optical brighteners and for UV curing systems.

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