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AddWorks® PPA

Our new line of PFAS-free polymer processing aids for polyolefin film extrusion

Introducing our new line of polymer processing aids: AddWorks PPA. These products are designed for polyolefin film extrusion and are free from perfluoralkyl substances (PFAS) in response to increasingly tightening regulation around the persistent nature and potential health impacts of PFAS compounds. While complying with these tighter regulations, the new PFAS-free AddWorks PPA solutions are able to substitute the conventional fluoropolymer based polymer processing aids and deliver the high performance required in extruded polyolefin film production. AddWorks PPA enables melt fracture control, efficient extrusion and optimal film quality, while meeting the need for more environmentally sustainable additives in this application area.

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Discover the benefits

The AddWorks PPA products enable melt fracture control, efficient extrusion and optimal film quality, while offering a more sustainable alternative in this application area.

Key product features

  • Melt fracture or sharkskin elimination and die build-up reduction
  • Smooth and consistent processability during extrusion
  • High optical qualities like low haze, high gloss, and good clarity in the extruded films
  • No negative impact on the tensile strength, mechanical properties, or heat seal performance of the films
  • High thermal stability and low migration tendencies
  • Free of inorganic, silicone or siloxane components

Your benefits

  • Optimum extrusion line efficiency
  • Aesthetically pleasing film quality
  • Unaffected film mechanical & sealing properties
  • Low use levels required, providing a competitive cost-in-use position
  • PFAS-free solution


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