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AddWorks® for textile and fibers -
for strong and colorful textiles, carpets and industrial fibers

Putting strength into every fiber with ADDWORKS® solutions for textile and fibers

The world fiber market with a volume of about 82.0 million tons is dominated by synthetic fiber yarn. Global megatrends like population and prosperity growth, climate change and a limited natural fibers supply will lead to a global increase in synthetic fiber consumption.

Clariant develops high performance solutions for all kind of synthetic fibers that are providing high added value in clothing, carpets and industrial textiles such as automotive interiors, non-woven fibers, and artificial turf. Our performance additives contribute to improving processing conditions and processability. They also provide a broad variety of advantages to final articles such as enhanced durability, light protection, improved thermal stability, flame retardancy, dyeability and tenacity retention among others.


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