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Our waxes for powder coatings
enhancing the looks and longevity
of powder-coated surfaces

Power up the performance of your powder coating formulations

Powder-coated surfaces are known for their superior toughness and can be given a wide variety of sheens and textures. Our wax additives help to protect the surfaces and control the appearance and touch of cured powder coatings. They also enhance the manufacturing process and storage stability of powder coatings, enabling higher throughput and quality.

With our advanced surface solutions, we aid formulators in improving the slip performance, scratch resistance and anti-blocking properties of powder-coated surfaces. We also help to facilitate vital process steps such as pigment dispersion and degassing. In addition, our additives allow fine-tuning the look and feel of powder coatings. Enabling finishes that range from uniformly fine to coarse, and from deeply matt to sleek and glossy, they add lasting value and appeal to surfaces and products.

PFOA-compliant PTFE or even PTFE-free texturing agents and many other options

Texturizing additives are essential for giving the desired finish to metal parts and other powder-coated materials. We offer PFOA-compliant PTFE additives such as our Ceridust® 3943 F, or even entirely PTFE-free texturizing agents. Degassing is another key factor for high-quality coatings, and here we provide highly efficient solutions for glossy or matt surface finishes that do not impair their surface adhesion properties.

In addition, our portfolio includes highly effective aids for improving pigment dispersion and extrusion and grinding throughput, as well as for enhancing the surface adhesion, friction control and scratch resistance of the final powder coating. By improving edge-covering performance, our Licocene® PE MA 4351 helps to give fuller protection and longer lives to powder-coated surfaces.

For metal coatings as well as other applications, we provide a growing selection of renewable-based additives. One example is Ceridust® 1060 Vita, which also helps to save energy by being compatible with low-temperature curing. Enabling bold colors and luxurious finishes on metal furniture and similar products, this »green« solution has the additional benefit of fully supporting current trends in interior design.

Find out more about our solutions for powder coatings

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Improve dispersion and color strength with our modified natural wax

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Three good reasons for choosing Clariant
key benefits of our wax solutions


PTFE-free texturing agents with similar performance to conventional aids


Excellent degassing properties for reducing pinhole and corrosion risks


Optimal pigment dispersion, leading to strong and even coating colors

Compliance and sustainability
you can count on

PFOA compliance
provided by all our additives and products
PTFE-free solutions
fully complying with EU/REACH regulations
Better color strength
from our rice bran wax based Ceridust®

Discover some of our highlight solutions

  • Ceridust® 6050 M
    Micronized metallocene based polypropylene wax for powder & wood coatings.Used in powder coatings, Ceridust 6050 M offers interesting properties, including the combination of excellent degassing with a strong matting effect while keeping very good adhesion performance. It also increases the coefficient of friction (anti slip) and enhances scratch resistance. In contrast to amide wax based degassing aids, Ceridust 6050 M improves adhesion properties of the surface e.g. for sealants. Ceridust 6050 M is furthermore a highly effective additive for various liquid lacquers including wood coatings. It is a very strong matting agent that at the same time provides excellent scratch resistance. It is easy dispersible and very stable especially in solvent based systems.
  • Ceridust® 9615 A
    Well balanced micronized blend of polyethylene and amide wax. This outstanding combination offers good rub and scratch resistance, anti-blocking properties and slip performance in printing inks, wood and industrial coatings.Used in powder coatings, Ceridust 9615 A acts as an excellent degassing agent. It furthermore increases the output during extrusion and improves the flowability of the powder.
  • Licocare® RBW 101 powder Vita
    Licocare RBW 101 powder Vita is a low polar modified wax based on renewable resource. See here for more details about Licocare® RBW for Plastics and for Coatings and Inks.
  • Licocene® PE MA 4351 fine grain
    Licocene PE MA 4351 fine grain is a highly grafted maleic anhydride polyethylene wax with advantageous physical properties e. g. for powder coating applications. The maleic anhydride modified polyethylene creates structured surfaces in combination with titanium dioxide. The roughness depends on the ratio of titanium dioxide to Licocene PE MA 4351 fine grain. Licocene PE MA 4351 fine grain is used as an efficient coupling agent for glass-, wood-, natural fibre and inorganic filled PE compounds
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Explore our wax offerings for other coatings segments

  • Waxes in building & construction coatings
    Our wax additives are designed to enhance and protect a wide range of architectural coatings, from interior wall paints and wood finishes to solutions for exteriors. We even help to make the journey between homes safer with our products for road marking paint.
  • Waxes for performance coatings
    Our Licowax® and Ceridust® waxes help to increase the film thicknesses of ships and freighters. They also make crucial features of such films, like water resistance and slip performance, easier to control.
  • Waxes for packaging coatings
    Our wax additives for packaging coatings strengthen the protection of surfaces that have to be tough and wear-resistant. They help to preserve the attractive appearance of metal packaging, such as food and beverage cans or metal personal care containers. They can also be used to enhance the coatings of other packaging substrates, such as paper- or plastics-based materials.
  • PTFE-free alternatives by Clariant
    High-quality PTFE-free solutions with sustainable raw materials for coatings and inks, to handle different types of surfaces with scratch resistance, slip modification, and matting effects.
  • Licocare® Rice Bran Waxes Coatings and Inks
    Licocare RBW making the things of our lives prettier and longer-lasting. (environmental-friendly, surface)

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