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Safebrake® Life LV -
Safe and sustainable brake fluid solution

Safebrake Life LV

Fulfilling DOT 4 Class 6 viscosity requirements

Safebrake Life LV is a unique borate ester-free DOT 4 Class 4 brake fluid. Its innovative and advanced formulation even fulfills DOT 4 Class 6 viscosity equirements. It is the first DOT 4 CMR-label-free fluid* achieving excellent performance with a high boiling point and high fluidity important for safety, sustainability and well-being.

* According to Reprotox re-classification Cat.2 H 361 fD.

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Your benefits

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  • Peace of mind: storage, sales and handling without restrictions
  • Safe and convenient handling at home and in professional use
  • Reliable brake fluid, high performance, developed with decades of experience in automotive industry
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Savings potential

  • Achieve higher safety levels without extra efforts
  • Simplify safety documentation: no more need of bulky EH&S booklets
  • Reduced complexity: single replacement for DOT 4 and DOT 3 and fulfills market requirements
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  • Protect your people
  • Transmit sustainable advantages to your customers
  • Be the first to use the first label-free DOT 4 product in the market
  • Be ahead of new regulations
  • Offer label-free brake fluids to your customer

Make a sustainable and environmental impact

  • Reduced CO2 emission & energy consumption during production compared to standard DOT 4 brake fluids
  • No hazardous waste generation in production and in use
  • Non-hazardous substance or mixture acc. to REGULATION (EC) No 1272/2008
  • Based on readily biodegradable raw materials (Methyl glycols 100% acc. OECD 301 B, Glycols > 90% acc. OCED 302 B)

ISCC PLUS certified mass-balance approach available on request

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Winning performance with the new Safebrake life LV

  • For immediate substitution on conventional DOT 4 and DOT 3 brake fluids
  • External approval for FMVSS Nr. 116, ISO 4925 and SAE J 1703
  • Low viscosity even at -40°C, ideal for driving assistance systems
  • Quicker filling due to non-foaming properties
  • Excellent stability and corrosion protection
  • Yellow appearance

Drop in replacement for conventional DOT 4 and DOT 3


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