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Natural formula calculator: the choice of natural
skin care products is right at your fingertips

Calculate the naturality of your skin care products with Clariant’s groundbreaking natural formula calculator. As the global demand for natural ingredients in skin care products is soaring, Clariant’s first-of-its-kind digital tool empowers you to make sustainable skin care choices. For the first time, you can calculate the percentage of natural content in your skin or hair care formulation according to ISO 16128 method. See how your choice of ingredients impacts the natural origin index of your formulations.

The formulation calculator is an intuitive digital tool powered by data from the Natural Origin & Renewable Carbon Indexes of over 800 Clariant and non-Clariant ingredients. You can create your own natural formulations from scratch or choose from one of the exemplary, customizable formulations. Let the formula calculator analyse the level of naturality in your cosmetic formulations with clarity and transparency.

Create natural skin care products and calculate the Natural Origin Index instantly

Why not experiment with different natural ingredients for your cosmetics and find out how they affect the natural origin index of your personal care formulations? Select and switch natural ingredients to understand how they impact your formulations' overall naturality. To take your research to the next level, create your Login, access detailed ingredient information, and request your free samples for further insight.

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