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Metal working fluids – semi and fully synthetic

Performance additives for metalworking fluids

The industrial process of machining metals is supported by the use of special fluids named “metalworking fluids” (MWFs). While different types of MWF can be used depending on the metal substrate and the application, mandatory properties such as a good lubricity or corrosion protection must be ensured. Clariant contributes to this business by providing performance additives to help MWF formulators meet the demands placed on them.

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Access the full potential of Clariant’s additives to develop high lubricity fully synthetic metalworking fluids suited to safer working and increased environmental focus in modern grinding, stamping and cutting operations.

Emulsion-type metalworking fluids (semi-synthetic metalworking fluids and soluble oils)

Emulsion-type metalworking fluids (MWFs) mostly contain mineral or vegetable-based oil which is emulsified with the aid of different types of non-ionic and anionic emulsifiers.

Emulsion-type MWFs are still the main type of water-miscible fluids used, because they offer excellent lubricity and cooling, making it possible to machine most metals even in heavier and more difficult operations.

Formulators are facing some challenges when dealing with such systems, but Clariant can support them. In fact, the existing portfolio of additives offers the following benefits:

Fully synthetic metal working fluids

Fully synthetic MWFs are typically true solutions that contain no oil or emulsifiers. In the case of fully synthetic metalworking fluids, lubricity is provided by water soluble – mostly polyalkylene glycol-based – lubricants.

In terms of performance, the fully synthetic MWFs can have certain limits when compared with the emulsion-type fluids. However, thanks to the fact that they do not contain emulsifiers or mineral oil, they generate various other additional benefits:

  • Comparably easy to formulate
  • Lower complexity (fewer components required)
  • Advanced tramp oil rejection
  • Typical low foaming behavior
  • Increased bio-resistance (may require less biocide)
  • Better visibility of operations
In recent years, the use of high lubricity fully synthetic fluids for aluminum machining has increased, and this is why performance additives are more frequently requested for this purpose.
The broad Clariant product portfolio for fully synthetic MWFs includes corrosion inhibitors, EP/AW additives, lubricity improvers and amines (such as Genamin CH 020).
You can access these main product categories below.

Explore our complete portfolio

  • Emulsifiers
    Discover our broad portfolio of non-ionic and anionic emulsifiers for hydraulic fluids and metalworking applications with multifunctional performance.
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
    Our portfolio comprises water-soluble and water-dispersible corrosion inhibitors for formulating synthetic, semi-synthetic and milky emulsions.
  • EP/AW Additives
    Phosphoric acid esters are effective extreme pressure/anti-wear additives, enhancing the metalworking fluid/oil by providing protection under extreme friction.
  • Lubricity Improvers
    Our broad range of lubricity improvers consists mainly of specialty complex esters and polymeric esters.

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