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Rheology modifiers

Rheology is a central factor in the relationship between consumers and cleaning products. As one of the main sensorial attributes of a product, it is an essential cue in the consumer’s perception of quality and performance.

Clariant knows this and has developed the Hostagel® line of rheology modifiers accordingly. The features and benefits of each of the six Hostagel® products have been organized so you can see at a glance which modifier is the right one for your needs.

If you would like support in regard to rheology modification, do not hesitate to contact us.



  • Genapol LT
    Genapol LT is a special thickener for those systems where electrolytes do not work enough.
  • Hostagel AVS
    Hostagel AVS is the perfect thickener for products with high solvent content, such as glass cleaners and hand sanitizers.
  • Hostagel CL
    Efficient rheology modifier for chlorine gel formulations.
  • Hostagel PH1
    Hostagel PH1 is a surfactant blend for acidic cleaners, e.g. bath & toilet cleaners. It thickens HCl acid formulations and other acidic cleaners based on e.g. phosphoric, sulfamic and sulfuric acid in the presence of chloride ions. Especially in combination with amine oxides, Hostagel PH1 thickened acidic formulations show a long-term storage stability and low shear dependence.
  • Hostagel TAC
    Hostagel TAC is a suspending agent for surfactant systems, used to stabilize particles such as air bubbles, speckles and inorganic particles.
  • Hostagel VB
    Hostagel VB is an environmentally friendlier low-VOC and solvent-free choice for breaking the viscosity of concentrated dishwashing liquids. It additionally prevents drying of skin and enhances mildness of formulation.

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