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Reactive emulsifiers can be anchored to polymeric binders to prevent emulsifier migration and its adverse effects on paint performance and the environment.

When emulsifiers leach out of a polymeric film, it turns from clear to white and adheres less well to substrates. In the applied paint, this translates to impaired water resistance and aesthetic defects such as snail trails.

With Emulsogen® CPA 100 XS and Emulsogen® CPN 100 XS, we solve these issues.

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Water whitening in pure acrylic formulations


The binders made with Clariant’s emulsifiers are clear and flawless. The binder with the alternative turns turbid almost immediately.

Even after 6 hours, the binder with Clariant’s emulsifiers is still clear compared to the alternative.

Product benefits you will experience

  • Stabilized binder
  • Less coagulation
  • Small particles
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  • Improved water resistance
  • Firmly anchored emulsifiers
  • Even, flawless paint surfaces

Want to start formulating your emulsifiers?
Download your guide formulation now!

We offer two different guide formulations. One for pure acrylic binders and one for styrene acrylic binders.

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