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Advanced hair care

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Why damaged and dry hair?

Hair is the natural crown of beauty – yet not an easy one to wear. While most of its splendidness derives from its complex and fascinating structure, it is also that hyper-fine constitution that amplifies its vulnerability. And the world that surrounds us is turning things even more complicated. Heat, cold, sun, stress, wind or weather, all possible damaging factors that our hair must nevertheless face on a daily base.


From Science to Beauty

With Genadvance®, Clariant now offers a solution to the problem, that due to meticulous research and a whole new scientific approach yields the potential to revolutionize the global hair care market. And since there is no hair alike, a single solution cannot exist either. This is why the Genadvance® advanced hair care range consists of three hair conditioning ingredients each targeting different hair issues: Life for dull hair, Repair for damaged hair and Hydra for dry hair.

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  • New Genadvance® conditioners respond to dull, extremely damaged and naturally dry hair
  • Specialized solutions to inspire formulators to create new hair conditioning products
  • Mode of action and proof of performance related to hair revitalizing, repair and moisturization

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