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Sensorial effects

Special Emollients Portfolio

Emollients are personal care ingredients that help to keep the skin moist by reducing water loss from its outer layer, the epidermis. They maintain the skin’s softness and suppleness and form semi-occlusive films providing moisturizing benefits. They also reduce itching often caused by dry skin and improve the appearance of the stratum corneum, the outer layer of the epidermis.

Effects on Performance

Emollients affect the consistency of formulations, as well as the feel, moistness and lubrication of the skin. They help to deliver actives, solubilize UV filters and disperse pigments. They are crucial for the marketability of a product, meaning the properties of the emollient phase should be optimized for the intended use.

Effects on sensory impact

Along with rheology modifiers, emulsifiers and humectants, emollients are one of the main factors defining this vital aspect of personal care products. Different emollients have different spreading behaviors and viscosities, which in turn affect the spreadability, texture and skin feel of the emulsions they are used in.

Beauty that feels good to body and mind

Personal care consumers no longer buy products only for the external sensations they bring but also for how they make them feel inside. Our portfolio of special emollients offers ingredients that combine distinct sensory effects with superior green profiles, enabling formulations that feel good to both body and mind.

The right Emulsifier

What to look out for in your search


  • Chemical structure
  • Spreadability
  • Polarity
  • Dynamic viscosity
  • Refractive index
  • Surface tension


  • Product group
  • Solubilizing power
  • UV filter solubilization
  • Wax compatibility


  • RCI
  • Eco-labels
  • Sensory profile (during application, after-feel)
Ingredient RCI Cosmos China registered
Plantasens® Abyssinian Oil 100%
Plantasens® Olive LD 92%
(ECO Version)
Plantasens® VP 170 100%
Plantasens® Flash 80 76%
Sensotain™ EP 6205 22%
Plantasens® Squalane 100%
Plantasens® VP R15 100%
Plantasens® VL 100%
Plantasens® Carefeel Soft 100%
Plantasens® Flash 100 91%
Sensotain™ PPS 15 28%
Sensotain™ CG 070 52%

How to select the right Emollient

Considering the many important functions emollients have in cosmetic formulations, they should be chosen with great care. By using our emollients brochure, you can structure your search along key categories and parameters, making this process much easier.

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