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Sensorial effects

Special Emulsifiers Portfolio

Emulsifiers may seem to have only a supporting role in cosmetic products, but experienced formulators know that this is far from true. They literally hold the formulation together and, through their influence on various technical and strategic factors, have a decisive impact on a product’s success.

Finding the best emulsifier for your formulation can seem like a daunting task. But when you structure your search along key categories and properties, everything becomes much easier. Which technical parameters should the emulsifier fulfill? What is the intended application and how do you plan to market your product? By asking yourself these questions and consulting the useful overviews of our products, you will quickly find what you are looking for.

Making beauty feel good

Beauty consumers want products that make them feel good in every way. They expect exceptional personal care sensations, yet also product responsibility that rises above the rest.

The right Emulsifier

What to look out for in your search


  • INCI
  • HLB (o/w or w/o)
  • Charge
  • Cold or hot process
  • Usage level
  • Liquid crystal formation


  • Product group
  • Viscosity range
  • Best-working pH range
  • Electrolyte compatibility
  • Oil phase compatibility
  • Optimum oil phase concentration


  • RCI
  • Certifications
  • Sensory profile (during application, after-feel)
Emulsifier Name RCI Cosmos China
Plantasens® Emulsifier CP5 100%
Plantasens® Emulsifier CP40 100%
Hostacerin WO 52%
Plantasens® Emulsifier DGI 100%
Plantasens® Emulsifier DGDS 100%
Plantasens® Emulsifier SFO 100%
Hostacerin DGSB 69%
Plantasens® Emulsifier CCT 100%
Plantasens® Emulsifier HP30 100%
Plantasens® Emulsifier HP10 100%
Hostacerin O 050 64%
Hostaphat® KW 340 D 75%
Hostaphat® KL 340 D 65%
Hostacerin T 200 p 31%
Emulsogen® HCW 049 42%
Sensotain™ EP 6205 22%
suitable for w/osuitable for o/w

How to select the right Emulsifier

Do you plan to make an O/W or a W/O product? What charge, format and usage level should your emulsifier have, and do you want it to create a liquid crystal structure? The product group you want to use the ingredient for is naturally also very important, as are your needs regarding viscosity, pH, electrolyte and alcohol compatibility, and, finally, the general sensory profile you’re looking for.

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