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Gentle giants: explore a world of surfactants where cleansing and caring unite

The choice is yours - our extensive range of mild surfactants

Tailoring products to consumer desires is essential in today’s competitive personal care markets. Adding to that the ambitious task of going sulfate-free in your skin or hair cleansing formulations and the choices seem endless.

Yet, what if surfactants could be more than just cleansing aids in your hair or skin care product? Our wide range of gentle giants gives you all the options. From supremely mild surfactants coupling rich foam with thorough cleansing to the other end of the spectrum and anything in between. Join us on the journey from cleansing to caring and consult our brand-new toolbox of our newly compiled Mild Surfactants range that will help you to quickly find the right solution for you. Get ready for a world where cleansing and caring unite.

Choosing the best gentle solution

Clariant Image Surfactants Icon Effects On Performance 2021

Performance factors

  • Mildness to skin and hair
  • Skin conditioning benefits
  • Hair color retention
Clariant Image Surfactants Icon Effects On Foam 2021

Application factors

  • Foam properties
  • Pleasant feel and after-feel
  • Sustainability profile

The right surfactant choice

Technical parameters

  • Chemical class
  • Charge
  • CMC
  • Pour point
  • Surface tension
  • Optimum pH

Application details

  • Mildness
  • Foam profile
  • Thickening properties
  • Salt compatibility

Enabling choices

  • Distinct sustainability profile
  • Key formulation benefits
  • Foam sensory classification
  • Foam morphology

The right surfactant solution for skin mildness

Surfactant class Product names RCI COSMOS
Glucamides GlucoTain®: Care, Flex, Clear, LiquiFlex**, Plus, Sense, GEM 93-98% yes
Glutamates Hostapon®: CCG, CLG, CGN, CGA 100% CCG, CLG
Glycinates Hostapon®: KG, SG, SGC, SLG 86% no
Isethionates Hostapon®: SCI 65 C, SCI 85 C, SCI 85 G, SCI 85 P, SLI 80 C 86-89% no
Sarcosinates Medialan®: KF-J, LF, LD PF10 57-80% no
Taurates Hostapon®: CT paste, CT Liquid, TPHC 80-86% no

*Readily biodegradable based on components
**Only valid if product contains oil palm derivatives

Find the right solution for you

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