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Chemical Catalysts

Catalysts for the Production of Chemicals and Specialty Chemicals

Our strength in chemical catalysis grows from our roots in Süd-Chemie, a leading developer of process catalysts for chemical markets.

For decades we have developed catalysts and catalyst technology for selective oxidation and hydrogenation processes. These processes are key methods for the production of intermediates and specialty chemicals, such as for the production of fatty alcohols, formaldehyde, maleic anhydride, phthalic anhydride and sulfuric acid. Our portfolio also includes solid acid catalysts supporting various catalytic applications for which properties like specific Bronsted acidity or Lewis acidity are required. Additionally, our expertise gained in these areas allows us to offer scale-up of customer's catalysts recipes, while providing the highest level of IP protection.

And, through on-going research and development we continue to find new ways to bring innovative approaches to these processes in order to help our customers increase yields and save operating costs.

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