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Catalysts for sustainable flying

Sustainable Aviation Fuels: Paving the way to greener skies

Jet fuel derived from non-fossil sources required to defossilize the aviation sector

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With decades of knowledge in fuels synthesis
and catalyst development, Clariant supports
the growth of SAF with tailored catalyst solutions

Catalysts play a crucial role in enabling and optimizing the chemical reactions involved in SAF production across the different pathways. Clariant has extensive experience and expertise to offer high-performance catalysts for SAF production, whether for HEFA, alcohols to jet, power to liquids, or other routes

Clariant offers catalyst solutions for the major SAF production routes

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Strong R&D focus on further developing our catalyst portfolio

Major technology development & research consortia


Clariant participates in a consortium for sustainable aviation fuels based on methanol led by the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy System ISE. The goal is to replace fossil kerosene entirely while improving the efficiency of the production process. The project named “Sustainable Aviation Fuels based on Advanced Reaction and Process Intensification” (SAFari), involves collaboration with research institutes and industrial partners throughout the entire value chain.
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Synergy Fuels

Together with academic & industry leaders, we participate in the SynergyFuels project, which aims to produce renewable fuels for aviation & road transport utilizing synergies of biomass-based and Power to X technologies. Clariant contributes catalysts and adsorbents to enable the process along the value chain for sustainable fuels.
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Example of SAF use cases

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Ineratec´s Power-to-Liquids pioneer plant in Germany will be using ShiftMax 100 RE ​for Reverse Water Gas Shift to produce sustainable fuels. Ineratec is specialized in producing sustainable fuels and chemicals entirely in transportable containers. The gas-to-liquid process combines “green” hydrogen with carbon dioxide to form low-carbon synthetic hydrocarbons and fuels. As a strategic partner, Clariant provides its extensive catalysis expertise and broad portfolio of syngas conditioning and fuel upgrading catalysts to support Ineratec’s groundbreaking gas-to-liquid technology.

New Ineratec plant in Hoechst, Germany

  • Temporarily capture 100 000 tons of CO2 per year
  • Produces 3 500 tons per year of e-fuels
  • Start-up in 2024

Clariant ShiftMax 100 RE catalyst benefits

  • High selectivity to avoid methanation
  • High resistance against coking​
  • ​High CO2 conversion​
  • ​High-temperature stability
Clariant Image Catalysts SAF Ineratec
Are e-fuels a viable alternative?
How can industry collaboration scale-up the decarbonization of the transport sector? Camilla Moorhead talking to Andres Coy and Tim Böltken, Founder of Ineratec

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