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Driving the green ammonia revolution

Ammonia production is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, accounting for around 2% worldwide. This is because conventional “gray” ammonia is made from carbon sources, like natural gas and coal.

In contrast, green ammonia is produced from renewable energy, water and air-captured nitrogen, so in the best case there are no CO2 emissions. By transitioning to carbon-free green ammonia production, we can significantly reduce the environmental impact of a base chemical needed for vital applications, such as fertilizer production.

Green ammonia: the sustainable fuel powering the energy transition

In addition to its traditional uses, green ammonia promises to be a game-changer in the decarbonization of the energy industry. It produces no carbon dioxide when burned, making it an ideal clean fuel for shipping, and heavy road transport.

Ammonia is also a highly efficient hydrogen carrier. Thanks to its chemical composition and high energy density, ammonia can transport hydrogen over long distances via existing infrastructure from renewable energy hubs to points of use.

With versatile applications in transportation, power and hydrogen supply, green ammonia is expected to play a critical role in the world’s energy transition.

Solving challenges in green ammonia production

The transition to green ammonia faces initial challenges, such as higher upfront costs compared to conventional gray or blue ammonia production, and fluctuating feed conditions due to the intermittent availability of renewable energy. Therefore, a catalyst that can optimize efficiency and overcome challenging process conditions, including exposure to oxygenates, is essential for reliable, cost-effective green ammonia production.

By offering innovative catalyst solutions tailored to the use of renewable hydrogen, Clariant can unlock the full potential of green ammonia and accelerate the transition to carbon-free fuel supply and sustainable chemical production.

Clariant_Icon_Enhance Foam Range_06-10-2020

Process and catalyst reliability,
especially at fluctuating feed conditions due to changing availability of renewable energy

Clariant_Icon_Energy Saver_06-10-2020

Reduction of energy consumption
to minimize costs for decarbonized ammonia

Clariant_Icon_Drive for Results_06-10-2020

Lowest CAPEX
for new plants

Clariant_Icon_Easy to Mix_Erlenmeyer Flask_06-10-2020

Cost-efficient purification
of green H2 from electrolysis or bio route

AmoMax series catalysts: maximum efficiency and productivity in green ammonia production

Clariant's AmoMax series catalysts are industry-leading wustite-based solutions for ammonia synthesis, operating at more than 120 plants globally. Our latest generation offers enhanced activity and robustness to maximize cost efficiency, productivity, and reliability in green ammonia production.

We collaborate closely with top technology partners, like KBR and Casale, to continuously improve our catalysts. By jointly developing tailored solutions for their process technologies, we're paving the way for large-scale green ammonia adoption.

As a global leader in ammonia synthesis, Clariant is driving catalyst innovation to make green ammonia commercially viable. With our unparalleled experience and expert partners, we help producers transition smoothly to sustainable production.

Unleash the potential of green ammonia with AmoMax catalysts

Product Benefits of AmoMax

Clariant_Icon_Performance_Bill Board_06-10-2020

High Activity
for maximum ammonia yield


Improved water and oxygen resistance
robust dynamic conditions


Lower operating pressure (up to 20 bar less)
leading to lower energy consumption
(up to 0.2 GJ/t NH3)


Applicable for green ammonia projects
with operating pressures < 90 bar

Performance with 80 ppm H2O

Clariant Graph Green Ammonia Magentite Performance 231115

Performance comparison

Clariant Graph Green Ammonia Magentite Performance Comparison 231115

Performance with 80 ppm H2O

Clariant Mobile Graph Green Ammonia Magentite Performance 231115

Performance comparison​

Clariant Mobile Graph Green Ammonia Magentite Performance Comparison 231115
Ammonia Catalysts
Catalytic solutions to optimize ammonia production through superior performance and sustainable resource management.

Learn more about Clariant's high-performance AmoMax catalyst series

With industry-leading performance, Clariant's AmoMax series catalysts were selected for several high-profile green ammonia projects driving a renewable future.

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