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What does clarity mean today?

This question came up at the beginning of the design update. Clarity has distinguished the brand since 2012 and it will lead our brand into the future. But how does this brand code affect our design today? What does clarity mean in times of digitization and user-generated content? The design must fit into this new world. It must be easy to use and flexible to apply. It must give freedom to businesses without compromising on brand consistency. This is defined in our corporate design principles.


Corporate design principles


Clariant stands for responsible behavior. Our impact is our focus and most importantly, focus on how to improve it. For design, this means achieving the greatest possible effect with the least possible effort. Let’s make the brand and its stories as impactful as they can be.


Clariant convinces through simplicity. Formulated goals are quickly understood and the complex world of chemistry is communicated in a simple way. Even the application of the design becomes very easy thanks to a few clear rules. This empowers anyone to be a Clariant brand ambassador.


By constantly asking questions, Clariant knows exactly how to create value for its stakeholders. The design supports this ambition. The brand and its design enable relevant messages. It is always up-to-date and flexible as soon as change is needed.

Design update

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