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The Board of Directors (BoD) meets at least once a quarter. At the invitation of the Chairman, the members of the Executive Steering Committee and/or other employees and third parties may attend the meetings of the BoD for the purpose of reporting or imparting information. 

The committees report on their activities and results to the BoD. They prepare the business of the BoD in their respective areas but do not have any decision-making authority, with the exception of imminent threats or danger, unless such authority has been conferred upon them specifically. In such cases, they decide together with the Chairman.  

The overall responsibility of the Board of Directors is not limited by the committees.

Member of the Board of Directors Nomination Committee
Audit Committee
Compensation Committee
 Innovation and Sustainability Committee
Ahmed Mohammed Al Umar  
Roberto César Gualdoni      
Jens Lohmann      
Thilo Mannhardt
Geoffery Merszei
Eveline Saupper

Peter Steiner
Claudia Suessmuth Dyckerhoff    
Guenter von Au

Susanne Wamsler    
Konstantin Winterstein




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