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Management system - the basis for sustainable value creation

Clariant has implemented an integrated and highly efficient global management system for successful implementation of its sustainability strategy and objectives. Various internationally acknowledged requirements and their control mechanisms are used to improve our management system performance in accordance to our cultural behavior.

Clariant’s certified and integrated global management system adheres to all internal and external standards to which Clariant subscribes and forms the company’s documented structural framework as the basis for our sustainable value creation. The system complies worldwide with the management system standards ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 45001 (health and safety) and thus makes Clariant a pacesetter among its competitors. Clariant is one of the first thousand companies in the world to have been successfully certified according to the Energy Management System Standard ISO 50001.

Ongoing compliance reviews and internal/external auditing of processes, procedures and measures verify that actual business development complies with the internal and external regulations Clariant subscribes to or is obligated to adhere to. Furthermore Clariant’s production plants around the world are scrutinized for potential risks and optimization opportunities, and we work with customers, outsourcing partners and service providers to improve the entire process chain and check for compliance with our standards.

With global guidelines for ensuring product and production safety as an essential component, the system involves an extensive body of regulations, programs and a group-wide risk measurement system to limit the impact of business on the environment, health and safety to the greatest extent possible. We support all employees in their responsibility to ensure proper operation of the system through regular training sessions and incentives linked to sustainability targets.
Our Management and Risk Measurement System performance is continuously monitored, verified during our yearly Management Review and evaluated to identify and to determine improvement potential.

Achieving and maintaining a high level of quality across all aspects of our businesses, our ESH related activities, social responsibility and Responsible Care® is our understanding of holistic/integral sustainability.

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